Staring back at you Staring back at me Inside of our own closed off world Mukuro Estraneo stayed under the tree, away from the chattering crowd. He watched as a certain brunette laughed innocently and joyously with his friends. The brunette suddenly turned around, as if feeling his presence, and looked at him. For a […]

Request: Terrible Things

Requested by curlyhairflip Nonoo really loved his grandson. So when he saw Tsuna crying due to having been bullied on his fifteenth birthday, he decided to share something to him. By the time I was your age, I’d give anything To fall in love truly, was all I could think “When I was your age, […]

My Beloved Doll

My Beloved Doll (La mia bambola amata) Byakuran was happy. Very happy. Happy that he got what he wanted. Sawada Tsunayoshi. Yes, he wanted the Vongola Decimo. He wanted him to become his doll. His plaything. His toy. His property. He wanted him because he wanted a plaything to break. And he was the perfect […]

Watashi Wa Matte Imasu

Sequel to “Oyasumi.” Beep. Beep. Beep. These sounds. The beeping sound coming from the machines. He hates it. Those sounds are a reminder to him. It reminds him that it’s keeping him alive. Making sure he doesn’t die. Dying. He still can’t wrap his head around that fact. He’s dying. Leaving. Eternally asleep. Gone forever. […]