Karakuri Burst

I looked around my surroundings. The sky was a deep red, the blue sky that we all know was gone forever. The trees and flowers were practically burnt; black and brown, and seemingly hanging from a thread; dying. No one was around me.

No one alive.

In the middle of the restless city
Stopped by
This uncontrollable urge

I straightened out my white kimono and fixed my hair. My normal white hair was stained with droplets of red. My wooden slippers were in a pool of red, fresh blood. I licked my gun clean of blood and kept it back in my kimono. I spared a glance at the poor family that has just been massacred. I looked at them sorrowfully and turned away.

I’m sorry.

Underneath my clothing
I hide an insanity

I was only a few steps away from the run-down lab. I had to report soon to Dr. Mizuho about my progress. Also about my eye.

I have only one eye. My left eye was bandaged along with the scar on my face. My right eye is a deep red color; like blood. I used to have a pair of silver eyes, but that was when I was younger.

That was before I was taken and I was still innocent.

Just Stay?
The midnight hour
Release the red, red stain of greed

I opened the broken door with a kick and it promptly fell down. No one was inside the building. Everyone that used to work here were either killed or quit. There was a door in the middle, which was a dark brown. I went to it and opened it quietly.

There, standing in the middle of the room, was a man with dark blue hair and lavender eyes with a pair of blue-framed glasses. He was wearing a purple undershirt with a blue necktie and black pants with black shoes. Over that, was a lab coat with a name pin on it, but was very dirty.

He smirked at me and said, “Come here, Rosa.”

I suddenly felt numb and automatically replied, “Yes, Dr. Mizuho,” and walked towards him.

He smirked and gently caressed my face. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Good job, Rosa. You never cease to amaze me with your fine work of art.”

I automatically replied, “Thank you, Dr.”

He smirked and said, “Now then, I think you’ve done enough for one day.”

He leaned down and placed his lips on mine.

It was disgusting.

If I pull the trigger
The beautiful stained finger

I got up from the bed and looked around. It seems that he left me again. He’s probably looking for more scientists and forcing them to work for him. Or probably killing more innocent lives.

I hate him.

I got up from bed and got another kimono. I laid it out and took a bath. I came out from the cold bath and got my kimono. Today, I’ll use a black one. I wore it and tied up my hair into a bun. I placed a hairpin to keep it intact. It was a golden pin with a rose quartz on the top. It was my treasure. My life.

It was, after all, the only remaining reminder of my forever lost innocence.

Shattered, Shattered
Is it not enough? It’s not enough
The unseen impulse breakdown
Fragile, Fragile
How fragile humans are

I once again killed another innocent soul. Another person who didn’t have anything to do with this war between the Scientists and the Government. It was heart-breaking to see them fall down to the ground, dead.

But it felt so good.

After all, an abandoned human killing mechanism
“For what was I created?”
Tell me

I went back to the lab and went to my room. I was lucky enough not to see that bastard’s face when I came in. I opened a drawer and got a dusty old box. I sat on my bed and opened it gently.

There, in the box, was a dusty old picture frame. I blew the dust away and cleaned it. The picture was now clearly seen. It was a picture of a pair of twins, smiling side-by-side.

A pair of twins with white hair.


The “coincidence” that will never occur
All good and evil is separated by black and white
All has been decided from the beginning
Just as planned, the left hand triggers enforcement

I slowly walked towards the headquarters. I was dragging behind me a pair of tied-up scientists from Dr. Mizuho’s lab. It seems that they were whispering about something while I was dragging them. So, without them knowing, I began to listen.

“Doesn’t this guy look a lot like #00?”

“Yeah. Except that #00’s eye is red.”

“*sigh* That’s because she was experimented on, remember?”

My ears perked up at this. A person that looks like me? Could this be…

“But still, remember #00 talking to us about her life? Remember those stories?”

“Yeah. But–Wait.If I remember right…#00 said she had a twin. A twin brother.”

The scientists looked at each other and widened their eyes. I, too, widened my eyes. Could she really be…

I stopped walking and turned around. I looked at them, face to face, and asked, “Who is this #00? What’s her name?”

The other scientist blinked and said, “If I’m not mistaken…” he thought for a while. “It’s…Rosa. Rosa Nera.”

I held back a gasp. I untied them quickly and said, “Tell me more about her. I’ll let you go, you tell me more about her, and bring me to her.”

They nodded and began telling me what I wanted.

Just stay?
The midnight hour
The hunt for defeating all “evil”
No escape until the end of the world
We wont stop, not leaving a speck of dust behind

The two scientists, who were called Dr. Kazuki and Dr. Akihiko, told me a lot of important information.

First off, the girl, was called #00 because she was the first one to be experimented on, and first one that succeeded and perfected. She was taken at the age of 7. She used to have silver eyes, like mine. But now, the left side of her face was bandaged due to her left eye, which was gone, and her scar on her face. Her right eye is no longer silver, but red.

Second, before she was taken away, she was with no one but her twin. Her eye back then was already bleeding, and her twin’s right eye was bleeding as well. It seems that they were being persecuted because their parents were the ones that started the war. She was then forcibly taken away, and brought to her father’s lab building. Her twin was taken away also and brought to their mother’s government office.

Third and last fact of all, is that she was injected with something and became a humanoid. Her skin was practically like metal; strong and unbreakable. Her body movements and responses are also like a robot’s.

It didn’t even seem like she was part human.

I asked them, “Do you remember how the twin looks like?”

Dr. Kazuki said, “Well, she showed us a picture of her and him. They looked exactly alike. Actually, he looks like you.”

Dr. Akihiko nodded and said, “He’s right. You look a lot like her and her twin.”

I touched my black eye patch on my right eye. It has been a long time since I took it off. I took it off and showed it to them; they gasped.

My right eye was not silver. In fact, it was a dark red. I got it before I entered the army and before I became like this.

Before I lost my innocence.

Shatter, shatter
To eliminate it all
To end destructive behavior
Disappear, disappear
To make all evil disappear

Dr. Kazuki told me, “I think I know where she is right now.”

My ears perked up at this. I could use this chance and finally figure out that nagging feeling in my head.

Dr. Akihiko said, “Yeah, but you won’t like it. She does jobs for our former boss, Dr. Mizuho, and we don’t know what it is. All we knoe is that she always comes back covered in blood.”

“Take me there.” I said.

They nodded and we soon went on our way.

I frowned. For some reason, I felt really mad. How dare they do something so…unpure to a pure soul? It just wasn’t fair.

But then again, nothing in this world is fair.

After all, just fallen junk
“For what am I made use for?”
Tell me now

We then reached a certain district in town. It was the district where I used to live in. I looked around and suddenly, Dr. Kazuki spoke up. “There she is!” He pointed at the girl in the distance.

There, in the distance, was a girl with white hair in a bun, wooden slippers, and a black kimono. On her white hair were drops of blood. In her hand was a gun covered in blood. Also, around her and under her, were dead bodies. She was looking at the blood red sky.

It was as if the sky became red for her.

I went closer to her, and she turned around and looked at me.

We locked eyes for a moment.

Shatter, Shatter
Is it not enough? It’s not enough
The unseen impulse breakdown
Fragile, Fragile
How fragile humans are

I turned around and looked at the man who was wearing an army uniform. He had white hair like mine, and a single silver eye. We locked eyes for a moment, before I felt tears come out of my red eye. Soon enough, tears began to fall out of his as well.


After all, an abandoned human killing mechanism
“For what was I created?”
Tell me

It was him. It was my brother. It is him. It’s my brother that I spent 10 years in hell looking for. And now, I found him.

Except that he’s no longer the innocent boy I once knew.

He’s no longer the little boy that would come to me and say, “Let’s steal apples today!” He’s no longer the boy that would cry at getting hungry and having nothing to eat for a day.

He’s changed.

But I have too.

I clenched my gun tightly, and looked at him. He’s an army man. It’s my duty to kill him. My reason for living.

He’s joined the men I have been wanting to kill. He’s joined the men who separated us.

Shattered, Shattered
To eliminate it all
To end destructive behavior
Disappear, disappear
To make all evil disappear

I looked back at the girl. She was her. She is her. She’s my sister that I have forgotten about until now.

I grabbed my gun from my belt. I gritted my teeth. Do I have to do my duties here? My sister has joined my enemy, the scientists.

She’s no longer the same girl. I’m sure she knows that, and she knows I’m no longer the same as well. We all change over time.

Like right now.

I grabbed my gun and pointed it at her, and she did the same. We stayed like that for quite some time.

After all, just fallen junk
“For what am I made use of?”
Tell me now

She stared at me and spoke up quietly, “Ricardo…”

I said, “Rosanna…”

Tears came out of her eye as I whispered her name. “I miss you…I missed that voice…I miss the times where we’d steal fruits from the stores…”

I smiled softly. I replied with tears, “Me too, Rosa. I’ve missed you a lot. But…this is our duty…our fate.”

She cried some more and shouted, “Then let’s seal it together!”

She then unlocked the safety of her gun, as did I. We stared at each other, and we cried.

Suddenly, the world turned red, and all I could see was Rosanna’s face.


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