My Beloved Doll

My Beloved Doll (La mia bambola amata) Byakuran was happy. Very happy. Happy that he got what he wanted. Sawada Tsunayoshi. Yes, he wanted the Vongola Decimo. He wanted him to become his doll. His plaything. His toy. His property. He wanted him because he wanted a plaything to break. And he was the perfect […]

Egoistical Romance

Why…Why doesn’t he love me? All I remember of him is his touch…his big, warm hands, dark blue hair and purple eyes…seeing him…kills me inside. But I know… “Yahi-san? Yahi-san?” Takumi asked me. I suddenly noticed that I was crying and my eyes were blank. Out of character, I hugged him and cried on his […]

Pure-Hearted Romance

Why? Why did I fall in love with you, a guy? AAARGH! I am not gay. NOT. GAY. Although he is pretty handsome, has wonderful dark-blue hair and… Damn. I am gay. “Rei, what’s wrong?” my lover (WHAT?!) asked. “Nothing, Seiji-san. Just thinking…why me? Didn’t you love Aniki?” I sighed. He chuckled and put his […]