Egoistical Romance

Why…Why doesn’t he love me? All I remember of him is his touch…his big, warm hands, dark blue hair and purple eyes…seeing him…kills me inside. But I know… “Yahi-san? Yahi-san?” Takumi asked me. I suddenly noticed that I was crying and my eyes were blank. Out of character, I hugged him and cried on his […]

Pure-Hearted Romance

Why? Why did I fall in love with you, a guy? AAARGH! I am not gay. NOT. GAY. Although he is pretty handsome, has wonderful dark-blue hair and… Damn. I am gay. “Rei, what’s wrong?” my lover (WHAT?!) asked. “Nothing, Seiji-san. Just thinking…why me? Didn’t you love Aniki?” I sighed. He chuckled and put his […]