Yellow-Orange: Happy Birthday Reborn and Tsuna!

October 13th, quarter to midnight, and Reborn hovered over his sixteen year old student. Being in his adult form had its perks, like finally being taller than someone who was known to be very, very short for his age.

No matter.

Transforming leon into his gun, he unlocked the safety, and pointed it at his student’s head. A smirk crawled its way up on his face and he covered it by lowering down his fedora. “dame-Tsuna.” he said. “Wake up before I shoot you.”

Hearing the word shoot, Tsuna immediately sat up albeit groggily, and stumbled right into his tutor’s chest, who smirked. “Coming straight home and not even bothering to greet me? Bad tuna.”

The brunet was finally awake and shrieked lightly. “I-I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Then where’s my gift?” the hitman asked, placing him on his lap. “Give it or else…”

The teen gulped and blushed at the action. He shyly turned around, his legs spreading wide and wrapping themselves around the older’s waist. He looked up with a dark blush, and softly grinded himself against him, and kissed him.

Taken by surprise, Reborn let his mouh be pried open as the other humped him. A small tongue entered his mouth, and sucked on his tongue as he was pushed down. His eyes involuntarily closed and he let out a groan as his legs touched him there.

Tsuna parted from him, blushing darkly and saliva dripping from his mouth. “M-me.” He mumbled. “A-and your gift to me would be letting me t-top you!”

Silence filled the room, before Reborn burst out laughing. “Sure.” He said, smirking. “If you can make me climax, then sure.”

Blushing darker, Tsuna nodded determinedly. “Yes.” He said before bringing his lips to his and whispering, “Happy birthday, Reborn.”

The clock striker twelve, signalling October 14th. “Happy birthday too, Tsuna.”


[a post after such a long time yesssss. I’m in the mood for more darkness right now, actually. but my friend says I need more happiness so here, a love song-fic. ehehe

by the way…this was based on one of my delusional fantasies last batch party. enjoy.]

uso pa ba ang harana?

marahil ikaw ay nagtataka

A group of girls sat in one of the rounded tables, watching the other boys go to other tables, tables filled with popular people, and asking them to dance in the Slow Dance of the party.

One girl, who was wearing a navy blue one-strapped dress with cloth feathers on the lone, thick, strap, clicked her silver heels against the floor (it was her first time wearing such shoes, but she’s gotten used to it to even run down and up the stairs already. tapping it seemed to bring great joy to her, listening to it make different beats.) as she watched the girls enviously. ‘None will ask me.’ She thought, fingering her normally straight hair, which was curled and heated all for this party. ‘I’m sure. I’m not popular or anything. Just another otaku, girl…something.’

Shrugging she turned her head away from the dance floor and looked elsewhere. Her friend, who wore a silver sleeveless dress with matching silver heels, shook her shoulder and pointed to a certain direction. “Rosa!” She said in glee as the other occupants of their table started smiling and squealing. “He’s coming here! Look!”

Rosa looked at the person approaching their table with a blank expression, but inside her heart was racing. A boy with a black and purple suit was approaching their table, his bow tie slightly crooked as he looked around the area. He was going to be the next Captain of the Soccer team, and everyone knew him because of that sport (he did, after all, beat a lot of people by himself, and they were older than him even). His gelled hair stood up like it was supposed to, but it was slowly deflating due to sweat.

sino ba ‘tong mukhang gago?

nagkandarapa sa pagkanta

at nasisintunado sa kaba

‘He must be looking for her.‘ Rosa thought cynically. ‘That girl he’s been courting for a while now.’

She looked to the table beside her, and saw that girl. She seemed nothing special in her, and everyone’s opinion, but no one knew how she got his attention. Black and pink tube dress like most of the girls, and black stilettos with her hair down. No one thought she was perfectly pretty, since she always cried a lot, but everyone had to live with the fact that she was the apple of the Soccer Ace.

They all looked expectantly at him, waiting for him to go the waving girl, and ask her. But imagine their shock when he went to the girl in the blue dress, Rosa, offered his hand, and gave a small smile with red ears.

“So uhh…do you want to dance?”

meron pang dalang mga rosas suot nama’y

maong na kupas

The girls around the table didn’t squeal, and instead stared at the two expectantly. A pink hue slowly crept its way up to her cheeks, which was slightly hidden by the lack of light, but was still seen by him. “M-me?” She asked. “Rafael are you–”

“You don’t want?” A look of forlorn was evident on his face, and immediately, Rosa shook her head. “So…do you want to or not?”

Shyly, she stood up, and took his hand. Rafael blinked and was about to ask what was wrong, but Rosa beat him to it. “W-Where do you want to dance?” He could see the redness of her ears, and he smiled.

“Near the bleachers, by the field.” He went in front of her and brought her along, leaving a dumbstruck and giddy friends, and a shocked girl in the other table.

at nariyan pa ang barkada

nakaporma naka barong sa awiting daig pa minus one at sing along

People didn’t pay attention to the two as they made their way to the bleachers near the field, even if the song was near the first chorus already. Rosa, confused on how to dance, just let Rafael take her right hand into his, and placed her left hand onto his right shoulder. His left hand held her right hand, and his right hand was positioned on her hip. The girl bit back the blush creeping on, and just danced with him.

They didn’t move directly in accordance to the beat, but for them, it was just right. They moved with their own pace, and own time, one looking down shyly, the other, at the girl.

Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin

“Why’re you looking down?” Rafael finally asked.

Rosa looked at him and stuttered a white lie. “W-Well…It’s kinda c-cold right now so y-yeah…Ahaha…”

The boy looked at her worriedly, before pulling her a bit closer, and clutching her closer to him. “Is…Is it better?”

She took note of the small blush on his face, before nodding. “Y-Yeah…T-Thanks…”

sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw at

sa awitin kong ito

A few seconds of awkward silence, before that line came into the speaker did Rosa decide to ask. “Why…did you ask me? Weren’t you courting Gabby?”

“…” Rafael looked at her straight in the eye, before shrugging. “I was.” For a while, he noticed she flinched momentarily while looking at him still. “But…It’s different. Something else happened…”

She smiled, and he could see a bit of sadness in it. “Is that so…” She trailed off. “I hope you make up soon, Rafael.”

The stars twinkled above them as they hid from the crowd, and it seemed so peaceful. A small smile crept its way up to his face, before he replied. “Maybe it’s better if we didn’t.”

sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko

sa isang munting harana para sayo

That shocked Rosa. “What? Why?” She tried to push down that feeling of happiness at his statement, as it felt really wrong. “But…that’s…why?”

“We aren’t meant for each other, Rosa.” Rafael replied in his normal voice. “She’s different. We don’t like each other that much…and I know she knows that I don’t love her. I’m…just using her somehow.”

Using. How she hated that word. She slightly clenched his hand in hers, a sign of paranoia. “Are you using me too?”

“What? No!” He replied instantly, a look of…something on his face. “Why I used her was for a selfish reason, but I will never ever use you, Rosa.” He said, looking at the floor as she looked at him. “Not now, not ever.”

That feeling of happiness rose once again, but this time, she didn’t bother to push it down.

Hindi ba’t parang isang sine

isang pelikulang romantiko

A chuckle came out of Rosa’s mouth, making Rafael look at her. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing.” She replied as they danced slowly. “It’s just that, it’s true. This is like a movie.”

That caught his attention. A movie? “How so?” He asked, curious as what she meant.

“You were courting her for a selfish reason.” She began. “But even so, you were so close to each other. Your selfish reason must be really serious, and important to you, no?” A chuckle once more. “I’d really be surprised if you said if you’ll say if you did it to get someone’s attention. Now that’s really like a movie.”

A blush came on to Rafael’s face, but he looked straight into her eyes right after she said that. “Actually,” he said, “I did.” Confidence surged through him as he looked at her, feeling his blush grow.

hindi ba’t ikaw ang bidang artista at ako ay iyong leading-man

sa istoryang nagwawakas sa pagibig na wagas

Him? Rafael? The Rafael that was known to be vain, slightly self-centered, and kind, using someone to get someone? “That’s unheard of.” She said, not noticing the intensity of the stare directed at her. “You? Of all people?”

“Yeah.” He replied, not seeing what’s wrong. He joked, “I may be the hottest person here, but even I have somethings I can’t get by being hot, y’know. Don’t just think–”

She stared at him blankly. “No you aren’t hot, okay. What are you trying to be anyway by being hot?”

“She’ll one day, be my actress.” He said softly as he looked up, as if  whispering his wish to the stars. “And I’ll be by her side, her leading man.”

Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin

Rosa raised a brow. She understood that idiom, and she was quite surprised that he can say such deep things. It made her greatly interested as to who could cause such change to him, as she ignored the growing pain in her chest.

‘You don’t like him anymore, remember that.’

“So, who is it?” She asked, as they turned around, now that Rafael’s back was facing the field. A small smirk crawled its way to her face as she asked. “Who made the all great and mighty Rafael say such things?”

What she heard next wasn’t expected.

“The one I’m dancing with right now.”

sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw

at sa awitin kong ito

A full-blown blush engulfed her whole face, and even her whole body. Rafael stopped dancing, but continued to hold her. Light brown eyes bore into Dark Brown eyes, the other just noticing the intensity of his stare now.

“The person I’m dancing with right now,” He said. “Is the one making so much changes in me, so much emotions.” He moved forward a bit, making her go backward. “The one that made me become so desperate to get their love for me back to the way it was. She loved me before, I knew it and I took it for granted. I took it for granted, and lost it.”

She was at a lost. Her eyes widened as he talked, her body frozen at the spot. “Now, when I realized it, it was gone, but not completely. I know it’s still there. Somewhere.” He mumbled, looking down at the floor. “The one that made me use someone just to get that love back. The one…”

sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko

sa isang munting harana para sayo

Rosa’s lips quivered, trying to form the words she wants to say. Why? What? How? Her? Once she calmed down, she said, “Why–how me?”

A soft smile appeared on Rafael’s lips, looking back at her. “I don’t know.” He replied honestly. “I honestly don’t know how it happened, nor do I honestly care on the reasons or anything. All I care about is…” He chuckled. “I…I want to give it all for that person. For…you. I–”

uso pa ba ang harana?

marahil ngayon ay alam mo na

“Don’t!” Rosa said suddenly, knowing his next words. He was shocked, but obeyed nevertheless. She started shaking as they still stayed in the same position. “Do not…Don’t finish it. Don’t say something you’ll possibly regret in the future!”

She looked at him determined, yet sad. “I don’t want you to commit yourself to me, Rafael. I’m not worth it. You’ll one day say the same thing to someone else, and that takes out all meaning out of it if you say it to more that one person with so much passion and…and love.” She said, slowly loosening her fingers from his. “I don’t want you to regret this…”

basta’t para sayo aking hihiram kahit na magmukhang hibang

tugtugin ang lahat liyag pagkay ako iyong liham

The girl wanted to add more, but she was cut off by a warm hug from the boy, who buried his head in the crook of her neck and shoulder. She stood frozen in shock, arms unsure whether to hug back. “I won’t.” He said, right beside her. “If I knew I would regret it, then I wouldn’t bother to ask you to this dance. Kung pagsisisihan ko ito, e di dapat hindi na kita i-haharana.”

Dark brown eyes widened, before he stood back up, held her hand, and danced her once again.

“Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin”

Tears started to form from the corner of her eyes as he sang along to the song. The stars started to twinkle even more, and the air wasn’t as cold anymore. He was making it warmer, looking straight into her eyes, a smile on his face.

“Sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw

at sa awitin kong ito”

She mumbled a few curses under her breath, and he chuckled. This was the normal girl he liked. The one who was quite an introverted tomboy, and was very very different, and liked to curse randomly. This was the one he would commit himself to, no questions asked

“Sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko”

He stopped both of them, and, under the twinkling the stars, he let go of her side, and cupped one of her cheeks. He leaned down, and whispered the last line of the song in front of her lips, wiping away the tears from her eyes, threatening to fall. Inches away, he said his message hidden by the song, and was going to prove it as well.

“Sa isang munting harana….para sayo”

‘I love you.’

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I looked down and saw a steaming bowl of hot soup. It was the first thing she made for me.

She visited me here, saying that it was her fault that I had a broken arm and offered to stay with me the whole day. She first checked my temperature, and saw I had a fever. She panicked (that shriek of her was adorable…what?) and rushed to make me something. She then came back with a bowl of mushroom soup.

I would’ve eaten it by now, only if there wasn’t that little thing on the saucer.

“Kyoya?” She asked.

I looked at her and said bluntly, “What is this, Tsuna?” and gestured at the mushrooms on the saucer.

On one side of the saucer were mushrooms that were leftovers put together. They were put in a way that would form a sentence. A sentence that I didn’t expect.

“I Love You Kyoya.”

I looked at her again and she blushed a bright red. I chuckled and I began eating my soup, leaving the mushrooms.

Wao. It tastes good.


Ryohei, unlike what others say, is quite smart.

He may be a boxing jock, but that doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. Well, in book terms, he is. In life terms, he isn’t. Which is actually the main requirement for being a healer: life knowledge.

Back to our topic, Ryohei knew that others taught he was an idiot. That fact doesn’t piss him off, since he is in book terms. But when they say he’s an idiot in matters of life, he gets pissed.

Hey, if he were stupid in that aspect, he would’ve been dead by now.

It was that knowledge that made him get married to the best woman on earth: his boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Decimo.

Tsuna was the first to see him as a man, not an idiot. She once compared him to a firework. She said that fireworks are not what they seem; they may be small, but they’re strong. Same goes for him, she says, since he looks like an idiot, but he’s not.

Ryohei was surprised at this. No one has ever said that about him, so when she said it, he felt extremely happy. Soon, that joy became enthusiasm, then extreme friendship, which, of course, leads to one thing.


Ryohei fell in love with the first to see him as he is. He fell in love with one who would die to protect. He fell in love with one who was an idiot in book smarts, but a genius is life smarts.

She was also extremely cute. She was clumsy and always tripping on thin air. She blushed alot and quite easily. She smiled all throughout her sufferings and pain. She brightens up anyone’s world.

Yeah, she was perfect.

One new year’s eve, the guardians met up in her house and had a party. On 12 midnight, fireworks appeared, and one appeared in her room as well. And everyone just stared.

Exactly at 12, Ryohei leaned down and kissed Tsuna passionately, which she blushed to but responded anyway. The others stared, and a war began.

Everything started with fireworks, stupidity and life, I guess.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


Staring back at you

Staring back at me

Inside of our own closed off world

Mukuro Estraneo stayed under the tree, away from the chattering crowd. He watched as a certain brunette laughed innocently and joyously with his friends. The brunette suddenly turned around, as if feeling his presence, and looked at him. For a short moment, their eyes met. The brunette turned away, embarrassed. But, for some reason, he felt that he should look some more, and so he did. Their eyes were locked with each other, as if they were in a trance.

“King?” The brunette’s right hand man, Hayato Tempesta, asked worriedly.

The brunette blinked for a while, and looked at him. He laughed dryly. “Ahaha. Sorry about that, Hayato.”

Hayato didn’t look like he believed it. “Well, okay. Let’s go then, King.” He turned around and walked away.

The brunette ran after his right hand man, but not before glancing at Mukuro one last time. “Wait! Hayato!” He shouted at the walking far away man.

Not knowing that he just left a smirking Estraneo under a tree.

“Nee, Look! I found a rose!”

The Maid smiled and accepted the rose with a smile. “Thank you, my prince.”

Acting oblivious

But yet we both pretend

That our intoxication might be sensed

The Estraneo Kingdom was full of sinners. Especially the king.

It was that exact evilness that intrigued the Vongola King, Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Vongola. He was intrigued, fascinated with Mukuro Estraneo. He, unlike the others, was not afraid of the Estraneo King. In fact, he wanted to get closer to him—to know him more. So, imagine his adrenaline rush when Mukuro attended his party.

It took quite an amount of self-control to stop himself from running to him and tackle him with questions.

When they locked eyes with each other, he wasn’t afraid. In fact, he was calmed by those mismatched eyes of his. At the same time, however, he was excited. He was excited because of the possible hidden intent lurking behind those eyes. When he turned around and left, his mind was full of those mismatched eyes, staring deeply into his own.

Unknown to him, said man smirked.

“Nee, what is that?”

The Maid turned around and looked at what he was pointing at. “That is a dead rose, prince.”

The prince blinked. “But why does it look like the rose I gave you?”

The Maid chuckled and ruffled his hair. “A dead rose is different, prince. Very different.”

The prince tilted his head. “How?”

 As time passed by

I feel that my heart

Must keep hidden

So I may approach

Two weeks later, Tsuna has been invited to the Estraneo Palace. The owner of the man that excites, and yet, calms him so much was Mukuro. He was very excited to go. So a few days later, he arrived in the Estraneo Kingdom. There, he saw a dear friend of his, whom he missed so greatly.

“King Vongola?” A blond man with blue eyes asked.

Tsuna turned around and smiled. “King Cielo!” He bowed.

The King of Cielo, Giotto Cielo, was Tsuna’s childhood friend. They were separated due to their responisbilities to their own kingdoms.

“Call me Giotto, or Gio, like the old days.” Giotto said.

Tsuna pouted. “Only if you call me Tsuna, or Tsunayoshi.”

Giotto chuckled. “Okay, Tsunayoshi.”

Somewhere, someone just crushed a beautiful red rose in their hands.

“You see, prince, a dead rose is a rose with no life.” The Maid said.

The prince blinked, and then nodded. “So a dead rose is a rose that isn’t beautiful anymore, right? Since a rose with life is beautiful, a rose with no life is not.”

The Maid was shocked at his understanding. It was quite surprising for a five year old to understand roses in a different way.

Because around you

I feel far from myself

“Kufufu. Welcome to my humble abode.” Mukuro bowed.

“Thank you for inviting us tonight, King Estraneo.” Tsuna bowed as well.

Mukuro snickered and smirked. “Call me Mukuro, King Vongola.”

Tsuna blushed at that smirk, but composed himself. “Well then, it would be fair to call you by name if you called me by mine, would it not?”

Mukuro held back a laugh, and settled for a chuckle. This boy is just so interesting. “Well then, Tsunayoshi it is.” He went closer to him and pulled something out of his coat, and hid it behind his back. “Will you,” he bowed with a smirk, “Dance with me?” He then revealed what he was hiding, which was a pure red rose, and offered it to him.

Tsuna could do nothing but blush and accept the rose shyly. “Sure.” He then turned around and faced the blonde, who seemed very different from just a few moments ago. Tsuna blinked.

“Gio?” He said.

Giotto looked at him and smiled. “You want to dance with him, do you not?” He waved his hands, as if gesturing them to go. “Shoo! Shoo!”

Tsuna chuckled. “Thanks!”

Mukuro and Tsuna left the blond alone, who was facing something evil inside.

“Nee, why are there dead roses?” The prince asked.

The Maid replied, “Well, everything has an end, my prince. That includes roses.”

The prince looked puzzled. “Eh? But Nii-sama said that everything is like a circle; endless.”

The Maid sighed. “Well, I guess it is true. Since after something ends, it will repeat.”

The prince nodded. “Yeah, something like that!”

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds

And I,

Will set up my trap for you

Mukuro brought Tsuna out of the Palace ballroom, and out to the Palace gardens to dance. The moonlight shined brightly upon them, and the trees and flowers swayed with the wind, surrounding them with leaves and petals. The rose Mukuro gave, was under a tree, as their only spectator, along with the other plants.

Although, things are not always what they seem.

Up the tree (where the rose was placed under), was a hooded figure with an expressionless face. “My King…” He said. He was holding a rose in his hands, but it was already wilted. He smirked and crushed it in his hands. “My King’s…Vongola.”

He then opened his hands, letting the crushed rose fall on the beautiful red rose.

“Thee shall not escape thy fate, Mukuro Estraneo.”

“So then, when we die, we rise?” The prince asked.

The maid chuckled. “Saa, who knows? After all, I have not died yet, so I cannot tell you the answer.”

The prince nodded. “Well then, what does it mean when you place a beautiful rose atop a wilted one?”

The Maid pondered on it for a while. “I guess it could mean that its owner is beautiful as well. It means that he was able to stand strong till the very end.”

Then the prince asked, “What if it’s the other way around?”

The Maid replied, “That…I am not so sure of anymore. I think that a wilted rose means that its owner is sad or broken.”

At that moment, another man came in, and smiled, “Prince.”

The prince jumped and ran to him. “Nii-sama!”

Even though I’m eagerly

After you

I won’t leave any trace

While Mukuro and Tsuna were dancing, Tsuna felt something prick his skin. He pulled away from Mukuro (who was currently facing some evil inside of him due to the loss of contact) and looked at his arm.

A thorn.

He looked around and saw a broken rose scattered on the beautiful one.  He gently picked it up, but got pricked again, but this time, his finger bled. He then dropped the rose on impulse and stared at the red liquid running down his palm.

Mukuro smirked. He gently grabbed Tsuna’s hand and whispered against it, “So…careless.” He then brought the palm to his hand, and gently licked it all the way up to the wound, making Tsuna blush.

“Mu-Mukuro-san…” Tsuna whispered breathlessy.

Mukuro let go and smirked. He gently caressed Tsuna’s face and kissed his forehead. “Sayonara, Tsunayoshi-kun.” ‘

Just like that, Mukuro disappeared into the night, leaving Tsuna and the roses.

The Maid turned around and smiled, “King.”

The king smiled back and bent down to Tsuna’s level and ruffled his hair affectionately. “How are you, Tsunayoshi?”

Tsuna grabbed the hand on his head and grinned. “I’m Fine! Nee-san here is teaching me about roses!”

The king looked quite surprised and got his hand back. “Roses?”

Tsuna nodded. “Yeah! About the life and death about roses!”

Things are not this clear

My words seem all sincere

And you begin letting your guard down

One month later, after that night, Tsuna never saw the Estraneo King again. Instead, he began spending more time with the Cielo King. He got closer with the Cielo king, but farther from the Estraneo King. Due to this, Tsuna began falling for said Cielo king. At the same time, he began to forget Mukuro—but not completely. The excitement from before has disappeared, and in its stead, was a completely different feeling. A feeling that seemed to clash with the feelings he has for Giotto.

This weird feeling then turned his mind into a mess, making him stressed.

Giotto, seeing his friend in deep thought with his face scrunched up, went to him and gently shook him from his thoughts. “Tsunayoshi, is there something wrong?”

Tsuna looked up to him and smiled softly. “No, Gio, nothing.” He then paused and thought for a while. He really wanted to get rid of that weird feeling. It was driving him insane. “On second thought, can you get me a glass of wine? Preferably the usual.” Tsuna said.

Giotto looked shocked at this, but got the wine. He got a blue bottle of wine, and poured some of the contents in a glass. He then closed the bottle, and set down the glass. He turned around and asked Tsuna, “Would you like me to add my personal ingredient again?”

Tsuna nodded. “Yes please,” and Giotto got a small glass bottle from his pocket. He opened it and poured half of its contents into the glass. The clear liquid from the small glass bottle, mixing quite well with the red wine in the glass. Giotto then closed the bottle, kept it in his pocket, and gave the glass to Tsuna. “Here you go.” Giotto said.

Tsuna accepted the glass with a smile, “Thank you,” he said before drinking.

Tsuna’s preferred wine (not favourite, since he’s against favouritism) was made by Giotto and his right hand-man, G. The wine was called, ‘X,’ since Giotto seems to have an affinity with said letter and G likes the number ten (roman numeral for ten is X).  Giotto, G, and Tsuna were the only people to drink said wine, since the two Cielo Royals didn’t have much time to make it.

Giotto’s special ingredient was something that makes the wine taste better. It was a clear liquid, which not even Giotto knows where it comes from and how it’s made. It was given to him by his subordinate, Leonardo Lippi. For some reason, it’s very addicting, which is why Tsuna likes it a lot.

As Tsuna drank the wine, Giotto’s eyes darkened.

The king smiled fondly at his so-called little brother. “Well then, what have you learned so far?”

Tsuna grinned and counted with his fingers as he told the King what he has learned. The king smiled at him while he was saying what he has learned. When Tsuna finished, he asked, “Ne, nii-chan, when we die, do we rise again?”

The king pondered on it for a moment. He replied, “I cannot answer you, Tsunayoshi. Your nee-san and I have not died, so we cannot answer you.”

Tsuna nodded sadly. He then beamed again when he asked another question. “What if we place a dead or wilted rose atop a beautiful or a living rose?”

The king pondered once more. It seems that this question can relate quite well to him and his life as of now. “I think that it means that the owner of the beautiful rose couldn’t overcome the challenges in their life, therefore being buried under a wilted one.”

There’s something you should know

About this deep drug

You thought you could drink it down

Tsuna asked for another glass, which Giotto complied to. He kept on asking for another, until he was drunk. Giotto saw that Tsuna was beginning to lose consciousness, and thought of something. He carried him bridal-style and gently layed him down on his grand and luxurious bed.  He went on top of him and leaned down. Just as he was to do what his mind was telling him, Tsuna looked up to him and spoke in a soft voice.


Giotto growled. He knew what was wrong with the brunette under him, and that problem pissed him off to no end. He then growled again and leaned down to Tsuna’s exposed neck. Before biting it, he whispered one word against it.


“Eehh~” Tsuna said. He turned around to look at the maid, who was actually the King’s personal maid, and beamed at her. “So then, nee-chan, don’t let your rose wilt! Or else it would mean that you’re broken!”

The maid chuckled at this. “It will soon wilt, Prince. All have times in their lives when they will break, but soon, a new rose will appear, and they will rise.”

Tsuna was now confused. “I thought you haven’t died yet?”

The King said, “Yes, Tsunayoshi. We have not died physically. When we die physically, we are completely dead. Our hearts stop beating.” He gestured to his own heart for emphasis. “But while we are still physically alive, we can either die emotionally, mentally or spiritually.”

“Aa~ I get it!” Tsuna beamed.

The king chuckled. “Very good,” he ruffled his hair affectionately, but stopped when he felt a hostile presence nearby.

“Nii-sama?” Tsuna asked.

The king smiled at him and said, “Wait for me here, okay?”

Tsuna nodded like an obedient boy as he watched his older brother figure disappear into the woods.

Rusting from time

The chains fall apart

You run away

With no place to go

A distinct sound of glass breaking was heard throughout the silent room.

Giotto looked at his hand with glass shards in it. The glass shards pierced through his skin, making his hand bleed. He has just claimed Tsuna for himself, but he’s been having delusions and calling him ‘Mukuro.’

That was Tsuna’s problem, he was desperate. He wanted to see those mismatched eyes once more; he wanted that excitement he felt not too long ago. He is not happy with this at all, but Tsuna is—so he’s fine with that.

“But…” he whispered, “I can’t believe my plans failed.”

“Kufufu. Of course, it went according to my plans.” Mist engulfed the room, and suddenly, a man with indigo hair tied into a low ponytail appeared. The mist cleared and Giotto stood up, ripping part of his clothes and tying his hand.

“Estraneo!” He growled. “How the fuck are you here?! I burnt down your castle!” He shouted.

Mukuro laughed darkly and it was then Giotto got a better look at his eyes. His eyes were still mismatched, but they held one trait which was obvious in his aura: dangerous.

“Kufufu. Saa..Cielo, “ Mukuro stood up and walked slowly to Giotto, materializing his trident along the way. “What shall I do with you? After sending out your right-hand man to kill me?” He jabbed his trident at Giotto’s neck, drawing out blood from the seething Cielo King.

The king went deep into the woods, and looked up a tree. There, on the highest branch, were two men in black coats, watching the scene with his little brother and maid.

“Who are you?” He asked.

The first man, who had dark brown eyes scoffed. “Oy, what do we do with him?”

The other figure, who had blue eyes replied, “Answer him”

The man with dark brown eyes looked back at the king and said, “We have come here in order to watch over Tsunayoshi-sama.”

The king scoffed. He couldn’t do much even if they went down, since he doesn’t have his weapons. Besides, if they were here for his so-called little brother, then it was all fine. He then turned away, and began walking.

He then arrived back and saw blood scattered around the floor. Tsuna ran to him and hugged him, crying. “Nii-sama…they…they!” He wept.

The king was confused. What happened here?  He looked around and his eyes widened.


The seconds

Echo by

The more you try to fight

At that moment, Tsuna burst through the door, breathless. “Mukuro-san, I smelt blood!” He shouted.

Tsuna’s eyes widened. There, in front of him, were two Mukuro(s). One was seething at the other, who just made his neck bleed. Tsuna rushed to the bleeding Mukuro, and checked him. “Oh no, Mukuro-san. Even your hand is injured.” He removed the torn cloth and brought the hand to his mouth, making the Mukuro holding a trident smirk.

Tsuna then did something; he started licking the blood. He licked each droplet, even the ones that reached down to his wrist. He gave the wounds one long lick each, and then, went to licking the wound on his neck. He licked each droplet as well, and gave one long lick to the wound as well. Tsuna then looked up at Mukuro’s face and blushed.


That Mukuro, who was Giotto, clenched his fist and tried punching the real Mukuro.  Tried, since Mukuro caught his fist in his hand, and instead, he punched Giotto. At that moment, Tsuna fainted.

“What happened, Tsunayoshi?” He gently shook the brunette.

The brunette kept crying. “They came while we were laughing, and they…they,” he hiccupped. “They stabbed her!” He wept some more. “Chrome-nee fell on me, all bloody. She was saying that she loved you, me and everyone else.” He sobbed. “Then…then…” He buried his head deeper into the king’s cloak. “I couldn’t do anything! Nothing!”

The king rubbed circles on Tsuna’s back. “Shh…It’s okay, Tsunayoshi. It’s okay.” He reassured the boy.

Tsuna looked up to him and hiccupped. He smiled. “Pro-promise?”

The king was about to reply, when suddenly, a gunshot was heard and he fell to the ground, his head, bleeding.

“No…no…no…” The king chanted.


Let me just say, inside of you, I see


Hiding in your memories

“How does it feel, Cielo?” Mukuro smirked. “How does it feel to have your beloved imagine that you are your greatest enemy?” He chuckled darkly and let go of Giotto’s fist.

“Did you know, Cielo? Did you know that I knew that the one who threw that broken rose was your right-hand man? I knew what that meant. You were saying that you will break your beloved Tsunayoshi in order for him to become yours. You would make him forget about me, making him sad, but then, you’ll make him love you.” He scoffed. “An underhand trick, pathetic. But still, you thought it wasn’t enough, so you tried killing me and poisoning him with Leo’s creation.”

Giotto’s eyes widened. “Wait…you mean…you…” he growled. “I always knew there was something off with Leonardo’s hair and eyes. It somewhat resembled…you…so you were him all this time…”

Mukuro chuckled. “Kufufu. Yes, I was. I made that creation, which was the poison you kept on putting in Tsunayoshi’s wine. You thought it would make him completely forget me, but since I made it, I made it so that it would make him remember me instead.” He smirked. “I knew that Tsunayoshi was desperate to see me again, so I granted his wish—by making him delusional.” He chuckled a bit once more. “You see, my drug’s effect is that it makes people delusional about the one thing they think about the most. So in Tsunayoshi’s case—me. It also brings back memories that were forgotten.”  He took out two things: one was a glass bottle from his pocket and twirled it around in his hand.

“This is my drug, Sin.”

The second one, was soon drenched in blood.

The medics arrived later one, and the king stood by the barely living Tsuna. He grasped his hand gently, afraid that anything can kill him now. His head was bent down, tears leaking from his eyes. He was pretty sure the one behind this all are those cloaked bastards, but for now, he would focus on Tsuna.

Tsuna coughed as he grasped the king’s hand. “Nii-sama is warm.”

The king smiled softly. “Aa.”

Tsuna smiled back. “Nee, do you promise everything will be okay?”

The king nodded. “Yes, it will. Nii-sama promises.” He paused. “Nii-sama promises he’ll make everything okay…”

To be linked with the scent of your sweat

I might

Merely be affected

Tsuna woke up with a start, only to find Mukuro hovering above him. “Do you remember?” Mukuro asked.

Tsuna nodded. He has just remembered that day. That day he and Chrome talked about roses. That day Chrome was killed. That day when Nii-sama promised everything will be okay. That day…he forgot Nii-sama and Chrome. “Yes…I do…Mukuro-nii-sama.” He hugged the older man.

Mukuro smiled softly and hugged back. He leaned down and whispered, “My King…” he put their heads together, their noses touching, “My Tsunayoshi…” With one swoop, he claimed the lips of the Vongola King.

The tongue that caressed Tsuna’s was warm and fierce. They fought for dominance, until Mukuro pulled away and Tsuna whined at the loss of warmth. Mukuro chuckled and said, “As my lover, you would feel more warmth.”

Tsuna blushed brightly and buried his head in Mukuro’s clothes. He suddenly felt something bad was going to happen, so he pulled away from Mukuro and stood in front of him, with an orange flame on his forehead, orange eyes and flaming hands.

In my ordinary love, my heart pounds, and I

Will set up my trap for you

A bam was heard and smoke filled the room. The window has been broken; a man with red hair and a red tattoo on his face was standing there, glaring at Mukuro. In his hands were a flaming crossbow, and on his back, hanging, was a barely alive Cielo King, Giotto. Blood was dripping from his forehead, all the way down to his chin. There was also a flame on his forehead, but it was not as bright as Tsuna’s. His golden eyes were full of insanity as he laughed.

“Ahaha! Kill him G!” Giotto laughed as blood entered his mouth.

The redhead, G, did so and shot multiple flaming arrows. After shooting two arrows, the smoke cleared, and all the occupants in the room were shocked.

There, on the floor, was the Estraneo’s body, with an arrow in his gut. Beside him, was the Vongola king, with an arrow to his heart. “TSUNAYOSHI!” TSUNAYOSHI!” Mukuro cried as he clutched his bleeding stomach and shook Tsuna.

G dropped his flaming crossbow, setting the room on fire. Giotto was shouting insanely. “Tsuna! Tsuna! Giotto’s here! Giotto will join you soon!” He tried getting off G, but said man would not allow that.

“Giotto! Stop it!” He said.

Giotto paid no attention, and still insisted on getting off. Said insisting made them fall down the window, and falling on the concrete floor with a splat.

Even though I’m after you, all I hear…

Tsuna smiled at the mad and weeping Estraneo. “Mukuro…” he whispered.

Mukuro looked at him one last time, knowing the flames are right behind them, and saw his smile. He went to him caressed his face. They smiled at each other and Tsuna then whispered his final words.

“Please capture me.”

Their deaths were sealed with a kiss.

400 years later

The sound of a book being shut close was heard in a sixteen-year-old and a baby hitman’s bedroom.

“What kind of love story was that?” A sixteen year old mafia Donna in training asked. “It was tragically beautiful!”

Her tutor, a baby, hit her with a mallet. “Shut up, Dame-Tsuna. That was a story told down in each generation. No one knows if it’s true.” He smirked. “Hora, your admirers are here.” With that, the baby hitman left as his charge shouted “REBORN!”

Let me just say, inside of you,

Her window opened, and she saw two figures. One was a blond with steel blue-grey eyes, and the other had blue eyes and indigo watermelon hair. “Tsu~chan!” the watermelon head said.

Tsuna “hiiee”-d and jumped away when said man jumped in her room. The blond came in better, but then started to fight with the watermelon head.

I see

A gust of wind blew, and the book opened once more. It opened to the last page, which was a picture of three men. The blonde, Alaude, looked at it and said, “This looks like me, the little kitten (which Tsuna blushed at) and the melon head.”

The melon head, Daemon, growled. “Hoh~ At least I look better when I’m with Tsu-chan.” He smirked as she blushed. “Unlike you, who always looks disgusting.” He snickered.


Alaude grunted. This man was always getting on his nerves. He took out his handcuffs, while Daemon took his scythe. Metal clashed against metal, and suddenly, Daemon’s scythe hit Tsuna’s head (quite hard at that) by accident.

Hiding in your memories

Tsuna fell down and gripped her head. She was having either a huge headache or a concussion. The two dropped their weapons and rushed to the fallen girl. She let go of her head, and her hands fell to the side. Her eyes were wide as she saw images flow into her head.

To be linked with the scent of your sweat

A blonde.

A pineapple head.

A brunette.

A redhead.

I might

A rose.

merely be affected

Tsuna’s eyes became dull and she looked at the two men. They looked at her warily when she suddenly sat up and hugged them both. She opened her mouth and said whispered in their ears, which was the start of something meant to be forgotten.

“Please capture me.”

Yes. This story is as real as it gets. History shall repeat itself—but with a twist.

Songfic, Cantarella

Up All Night

Dedicated to those who probably won’t sleep this Christmas Eve and wait for Christmas Dawn

It feels like we been living in fast-foward
Another moment passing by

Tonight was December 24, Christmas Eve. People were all around her house, eating dinner. To say it was rowdy was an understatement; it was absolutely chaotic. Mukuro is pissing of Hibari. Takeshi is laughing Hayato off. Ryohei is being extreme. Lambo is busy crying. Reborn was drinking his espresso. Yes, it was ridiculously chaotic.

Tsuna liked it that way.

The party’s ending but it’s now or never
Nobody’s going home tonight

Her mom was with her dad this time, saying that her daughter was old enough to take care of herself (which Tsuna agreed to since she knew her parents needed to spend some time alone). Bianchi was back in Italy, since she needed to speak with her father and mother (which Hayato was happy for). Ipin went back to China and celebrate with her family and Fon.

So…it was only her guardians and Reborn here. Of course, with Reborn here, they’re gonna have a Vongola-styled Christmas Eve party after dinner. But for sone reason…she felt that he’s plotting something…

Katy perry is on a play,
She’s on a play
DJ got the photo shake
The photo shake

Right after dinner, the adult Arcobaleno (after a few threats, Verde finished the cure and here they are) stood up and Leon became a whiteboard with a marker and eraser. Reborn raised his hand and signaled everyone to shut up and listen to him.

“Let us now start the Vongola-styled Christmas Eve party! All boys, we talked about this before, so I won’t explain anymore. Dame-Tsuna shall be the judge!” Reborn said and the men nodded.

“Eh…okay.” Tsuna said.

And so the party started.

People going all the way
Yeah, all the way
I’m still wide awake

The first one up was Lambo (surprisingly). He pulled a piece of chocolate from his Afro and a rose. He layer it on the floor and got his bazooka, and shot himself. Future Lambo appeared and knelt in front of her. He got the rose and chocolate and gave it to her.

“Merry Christmas, Tsuna-nee.” he said and kissed her hand, resulting her to blush. He stood up, placed the rose in her hair and gave her the chocolate. He winked and was replaced with the current Lambo, who was childishly smirking.

The other men fumed. It seems that the stupid ones always become smart in times of need.

The whiteboard floated and marker wrote by it self ’80.’ Tsuna was not sure to look surprised or sigh.

I wanna stay up all night
And jump around until we see the sun

The next one was Ryohei. He went to her, and stood right in front of her. He looked down on her and ruffled her hair, surprising her. She looked up to him and he smiled affectionately at her. She blushed and turned away, as the marker wrote ’85.’

The others looked puzzled by this, while Reborn said, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Damn right it did.

I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she’s the one

Next up was Mukuro turned Chrome. She swung her trident around and poked her head with it. Suddenly, some images appeared in her head that only Chrome, Haru, Kyoko, Hana (also other girls) and she knew about. Tsuna blushed furiously and had a masdive nosebleed then fainted, while Chrome smirked a bit before turning back to Mukuro, who was quite pale. The whiteboard appeared and the number ’96’ was there.

“What was that all about?” Takeshi asked.

Mukuro laughed a dry laugh and said, “Ku..fufu. The young Vongola and her friends are the mortal enemy of men…”

They blinked and suddenly, Hibari growled. “Yaoi fan-girls.”

The men blushed and Tsuna woke up, still blushing and bleeding. “Aiyaya…FujiRyo…”

They do not want to know what that just meant.

Hold on to the feeling
And don’t let it go
Cause we got the flow now
Get out of control
I wanna stay up all night
And do it all with you

After cleaning herself up, and her mind, Hayato beamed.

“Juudaime, please listen to my poem!” Hayato blushed and bowed. He opened his mouth and began to recite his poem, which was titled, ‘A Christmas of Love.’

After his poem, he bowed and only Tsuna clapped. The others scowled inside due to the intensity of feelings in his poem. Tsuna went to him asked, “What inspired you to write such a lovely poem?”

Hayato turned serious and smiled softly at her. “The thought of you smiling and clapping in the end.

The marker wrote, ’85’ when Tsuna blushed.

Up all night
Like this, all night, hey
Up all night
Like this, all night, hey
Up all night

The next one was Takeshi. He went in the kitchen, and went out of it while hiding something behind his back. He grinned and glomped her while saying, “Merry Christmas!!”

Tsuna blushed which turned even redder when Takeshi whispered in her ear, “Thanks for this year, Tsunayoshi.”

The whiteboard appeared with the number ’90’ on it.

Reborn mumbled, “As expected of my apprentice, but I’m still the best.”

Don’t even care about the table breaking
We only wanna have a laugh

The next one was Mukuro. He laughed for a while, and then threw his trident at her head. It hit her straight, making her fall and faint due to impact. The other men growled at him (for Lambo, shout at) but then Mukuro smirked.

“Kufufu. The princess won’t get hurt. It’s just that my gift will be seen by her and only her.”

Katy perry is on a play,
She’s on a play
DJ got the photo shake
The photo shake

In Tsuna’s mind, she usually sees her room. The messy room that her mother hates is her true haven. But this time, there was something that doesn’t seem in place.

Yeah. Mukuro.

Mukuro was on her bed, staring at her. He noticed that she noticed him, so laughed. “I’ll give you your gift here.” he said.

Tsuna didn’t have time to comprehend what was going on until she realized she wasn’t in her room anymore. Instead, she was on top of a Sakura tree, with Mukuro under it.

“Eh?!” she shrieked.

Mukuro said, “This park is a part of your mind. It represents your heart. If your sad, the plants wilt. If you’re happy, they bloom. So now that you’ve seen this, I hope you’ll manage your emotions more…since you usually can’t control them.”

Tsuna blushed and hugged him. “Thanks.”

“Kufufu. Welcome.”

And so they were back to the real world, with a whiteboard with the number ’88.’

People going all the way
Yeah, all the way
I’m still wide awake

After coming back, Hibari immediately kicked Mukuro across the room. “Damn you herbivore.”

Mukuro chuckled. “Kufufu. Did you think I would do something indecent, skylark?”

Yes. Actually all did.

Hibari turned away from him and faced Tsuna. He took out his tonfas and said, “Fight me, Tsunayoshi.”

Tsuna blushes too much. But that’s what started this activity so…meh.

I wanna stay up all night
And jump around until we see the sun
I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she’s the one

Tsuna was now in HDW mode. She keeps on dodging Hibari’s tonfas and ended up catching it her hands. Hibari smirked and let go of said tonfa. Tsuna was shocked by this, and even more when Hibari grabbed the arm holding the tonfa close to him, so it looked like he was hugging her to him. She blushed even more and got out of her HDW mode. Hibari leaned down and whispered in her ear…

“So cute.”

The whiteboard flew with the number ’99’ on it.

Hold on to the feeling
And don’t let it go
Cause we got the flow now
Get out of control
I wanna stay up all night
And do it all with you

Hibari dropped her gently and sat down. The others stared at him hatefully, including Lambo. Reborn then stood up and smirked. It was his time to shine.

He walked to her and she started shaking. Who knows what that tutor of hers will give her? She imagined a gun to her head…

And she was right.

Reborn pointed a pistol at her head while wearing a smug smirk. He then spoke. “I will ask you questions, and answer them truthfully or I’ll click this.” he clicked his pistol for emphasis. “Three clicks, I shoot.”

Tsuna nodded fearfully.

Reborn grinned. “First, are you scared of me?”


“Second, do you like your guardians?”

“Of course! I love them!”

The guardians blushed at this (in Hibari’s case, his ears, in Lambo’s case, he grinned stupidly).

“Third, who is your love interest?”

Up all night
Like this, all night, hey
Up all night
Like this, all night, hey
Up all night

Tsuna blushed while the others were interested. “No one.” she said.

Reborn clicked his gun. “Now then, dame-Tsuna, it’s Christmas Eve. I don’t really think you want to die on a special day now do you?” he asked.

Tsuna shrieked a bit then whispered, “I o-only think he’s cu-cute, okay?”

They all nodded eagerly.


Suddenly, killing intent was directed to said man.

Katy perry is on a play,
She’s on a play
(We’re gonna want to stay up all night)

“Eeh~Hibari? That’s kinda unexpected…although his looks are quite the prize…” Reborn mused.

Tsuna blushed and shouted,”REBORN!”

Said man simply chuckled, then asked the next question.

“Now then, fourth question, if he and Mukuro asked you out, who would you choose?”

DJ got the photo shake
The photo shake
(We’re gonna want to stay up all night)

Tsuna stammered, “Hibari-san…sin-since Mukuro is a pervert.”

Mukuro died a little inside, while Hibari smirked.

Then Reborn asked again, “But what if even Hibari was perverted?”

Everyone turned and looked at him. Reborn has a point; what if? After all, it seems like he has BDSM fetishes…

“Yes Juudaime! You’ll never know, after all, his catchphrase (Bite to death) is kind of…wrong.” Hayato said.

Tsuna pondered on it for a moment, but was interrupted by an irritated Reborn clicking his gun.

“Second click. Last question…me or Hibari?”

Awkward Silence.

Up all night, up all night
(We’re gonna want to stay up all night)

Tsuna really didn’t want to answer such a question. Sadly, it seems everyone else does.

Hibari glares at Reborn, Reborn glares back. Tsuna now feels like a little animal between two big ones (no pun intended). Reborn finally gets impatient and clicks his pistol. “Too bad.” he shoots.

Tsuna shrieks and dodges the bullet, but her cheek was grazed. She hid behind Takeshi, who laughed nervously at the hitman’s stare (even though its for the girl behind him, he can still feel it).

“Eto, Reborn-san, please don’t kill her…or me.” he said.

Reborn growled and kept his pistol. Tsuna hugged Takeshi as thanks (who had some thoughts…) and went back to Reborn.

“Dame-Tsuna, answer.” Reborn pointed his gun.

I wanna stay up all night
And jump around until we see the sun
I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she’s the one

“NO ONE!” she shrieked.

Reborn then asked a follow-up question, “Why?”

Tsuna blushed. “Because…because…”

The boys were really getting into this, it seems.

“Because?” Reborn asked.



Hold on to the feeling
And don’t let it go
Cause we got the flow now
Get out of control

“Ehhh~” Reborn hummed.

“Wao. Polygamy.” Hibari mused.

The whiteboard flew with the number ’99’ on it.

“Ah!” all chorused.

I wanna stay up all night
And do it all with you

“So…they both get the prize?” a still dejected Mukuro asked.

“Ah….” a sad Hayato said.

“What are you talking about?” Tsuna asked.

“You see, the game was that whoever makes you blush the most gets to…” Takeshi trailed off.

Up all night
Like this all night, hey

“To?” Tsuna asked.

Hibari couldn’t answer, because at that moment, fireworks started appearing. Everyone looked at the fireworks, but more at the lone girl looking at them.

Tsuna looked like one who has never experienced the darkness of the world. Her smile was so pure, and her eyes were so innocent. She noticed their stares and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Up all night
Like this all night, hey

She doesn’t know what just happened, but instead, she felt two lips on her cheeks. One was a prefect’s, another was a hitman’s.

Meh. Its not like she’s complaining.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011 TO ALL!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Request: What Makes You Beautiful

Request from curlyhairflip

You’re insecure,
don’t know what for
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door

Tsuna was a complete idiot.

She was damn oblivious of her surroundings, and was too innocent to understand it. She cared for others before herself. She always thought negative.

She doesn’t know herself well.

Don’t need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough

Since she was ridiculously stupid and dense, one of her guardians decided to take the chance and speak his mind against her putting on make-up for her party.

“Juudaime, you don’t need make-up. You’re beautiful enough so please throw those away and wash your face.”

To say Tsuna was shocked was an understatement. She blushed like a tomato and did what Hayato said.

Hayato realized what he did and banged his head on the wall repeatedly, blushing.

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

When Tsuna entered the ballroom (without make-up), everyone stared at her.

She was wearing a white dress with a black cardigan on top, along with black flats. Not the kind of clothes one would wear in a formal party, but then again, this was a stupid person we are talking about. Yet, it just seemed to compliment her pure face.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

People invited her for a drink or two, but she politely refused each one. People cam swarming to her for a dance, but one stood out among all.


Tsuna blinked owlishly and blushed at Ryohei’s outburst. She went to him and said, “Sure. But please no more shouting.”

He happily complied and they danced to the waltz. Who knew that the muscle-headed idiot was quite the dancer?

Oh, he looked quite…hot too.

But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell
You don’t know
Oh oh

As the danced across the marble tiles, people began to look at them. They complimented her looks, and his suit. They also complimented that they looked good together.

Both teens blushed.

Suddenly, the music restarted, and it was time to change partners. Just ad people were about to swarm her again, she saw Takeshi running to her shouting, “Me next!”

When he reached her, he carried her bridal-style and brought her to the balcony. They then danced there, under the moonlight.

You don’t know you’re beautiful

Takeshi looked deep into her eyes as they danced. Having the eyes of a hitman, he asked, “Nervous?”

Tsuna looked at him and replied, “A bit. Reborn might kill ke for not dancing with the other families, and only dancing with mine.”

Takeshi laughed. “Don’t worry. You can just socialize with them and talk about what mafia bosses talk about!”

Tsuna giggled. “I guess you’re right.”

Takeshi grinnedbat that. “Yeah. So that’s why…” he leaned down and stared into her eyes, lips barely centimeters apart, “Just think of me right now.”

Tsuna could’ve fainted due to their closeness if he wasn’t holding her.

If only you saw what I can see
You’ll understand why I want you so desperately

The song has ended once again, and Tsuna separated from Takeshi with a blush to socialize with the other famiglias. The other famiglias were very nice to her, and she enjoyed talking with them. The last famiglia she had to socialize with was the Cristallo Famiglia.

The Cristallo’s boss, Leo, was quite the looker, Tsuna must admit. He had a strong build, and black hair and blue eyes. His looks are quite sharp, but warm (yet his eyes held secrets). He approached her and kissed her hand (and the auras of a few people signaling death could be sensed) and Tsuna was surprised.

“I am Cristallo Leo, The boss. It is a pleasure to meet you, principessa.” Leo smiled charmingly at her.

Ohhhhhhh….so he was a playboy.

Tsuna nodded meekly. ” Likewise… I am…”

Leo placed a finger on her slips. “I already know you, Decimo. You are so beautiful that everyone knows you.” he leaned in towards her and whispered, “Saa…can I taste that beauty?”

At that moment, Leo was thrown across the room by a man with tonfas in hand.

Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe
You don’t know
Oh oh

“Hibari-san!” Tsuna exclaimed.

Hibari’s back was facing her and he turned around to look at her. He faced her and said to her, “No other herbivore, carnivore or omnivore can touch what is beautiful and mine,” and left without a word.


Just like that, the party ended. All but her knowing just what that sentence implied.

Man, she really is an idiot.

You don’t know you’re beautiful
Oh oh oh
That’s what makes you beautiful

The next day, she woke up at lunch, due to the events the night before. She blushed at some of the events, and tried to figure out what Hibari’s sentence meant. Still in her thoughts, Reborn suddenly appeared on top of her, but as an adult.

“Reborn! When did you get there! And as an adult?!” she shrieked.

Reborn chuckled darkly and got off her. “Yesterday, during your party, the Arcobaleno met up and we went to Verde’s lab and here I am.” He said quite smugly.

Tsuna got up and stretched. “Whatever. I’ll be done for lunch in a while.”

Reborn nodded and went to the door, he looked back and said, “You were quite the princess last night,” and went out.

Leaving a stunned Tsuna who just received her first compliment from him.

So c-come on
You’ve got it wrong
To prove I’m right
I put it in a song

After bathing, she went down and saw her guardians on the table waiting for her. She was wearing a short shorts and a shirt longer than it.

Thank god they had the decency to hold their noosebleeds.

“Hurry up Tsu-chan! We’re waiting for you!” Nana said.

Tsuna nodded and sat beside Nana and Bianchi. Let’s just say the food was better than that of Takesushi’s.

I don’t know why
You’re being shy
And turn away when I look into your eye eye eyes

After eating, Nana, Bianchi and the kids went out shopping, leaving Tsuna and the others to wash the dishes. Mukuro volunteers (which earned him the glares of many) and they wash the dishes together, while the others simply glares at him.

Everyone else in the room could see it
Everyone else but you

Tsuna felt glares coming her way and turned around and said, “Something wrong?”

The other men simply shook their heads (in Hibari’s case, grunted in disapproval) and reassured her that they were not glaring at her, but Mukuro.

“Why?” she asks.

They just simply stayed silent. Except Reborn.

“It’s because you’re beautiful.”

Tsuna now thinks (with a blush) that men’s minds are weird. And also…how was her being beautiful (which was so not true) relate to them glaring at her mist guardian?


Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

After washing, she and Mukuro went back to the table. “By the way, why are you guys here? Not that you’re disturbing or anything.” she asked.

Reborn said, “I invited them to talk about something…which is the killing of Cristallo Leo.”

The men agreed with a passion while the lone girl sweatdropped.

“Why?” she asked.

“He was hitting on you, Juudaime. That was unforgivable.” Hayato said seriously.

“Kufufu. As much as I hate the dog, I agree. Even Chrome was seething inside.” Mukuro glared.

Tsuna didn’t get the problem, but after a few seconds her hyper intuition went overdrive and her ears reddened visibly.

“Tsuna?” Takeshi asked.

Tsuna turned away and went out to fix the clothes, while her hyper intuition was still on overdrive.

Her guardians and Reborn were jealous.

You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful

After fixing the clothes, she saw that the men were still having their heated discussion. She sighed and discreetly went up her room and lied down on the bed.

“Why would they be jealous?” she thought aloud. “It’s not like they like me or anything…” she sighed and flip over so that her head was on her pillow. “Sooooo confuuusing…”

If only you saw what I could see
You’ll understand why I want you ai desperately
Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe
You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful

Back down in the dining table, Reborn held up a green recorder. “As you can see, that kid does not have any self esteem and confidence. A true idiot since Skull.” he said.

Hibari nodded. “That omnivore has always been an idiot.”

Yes she was. In more ways than one.

Na na na na na na naaaa
Na na na na na na na na

“Impossible…stupid intuition! Why can’t you be wrong this time!” Tsuna shouted in her pillow.

She stood up and looked under her bed. She pulled out a yello device and looked at it. “It is true! It is a recorder!”

Na na na na na na naaaa
Na na na na na na na na

Tsuna shook the device and said to it, “Reborn you bastard!”

Downstairs, the men sighed and Reborn smirked. It seems her intuition is getting better. Now then…

It’s almost time for the main course.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

Tsuna pocketed the device and slammed her door open as she ran down. She stopped right in front of the table and showes the device. “What is the meaning of this?”

Reborn merely smirked and replied with a grin.

You don’t know
Oh oh

Tsuna seriously wanted to punch this man. Just when she was about to, he grabbed her hand and whispered..

“You don’t know you’re beautiful”

“Eh?” Tsuna lost her balance and he caught her.

The other men stood up an surrounded them, albeit jealous, but surrounded them nonetheless.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell
You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful

“Ne, you’re really an idiot Juudaime.” Hayato said albeit guiltily.

“Why?” Tsuna asked.

If only you saw what I can see
You’ll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe

“You’re eyes are so warm and pure.” Takeshi said.

Hibari went to her and whispered, “You care too much…but that’s kind of good.”

“You EXTREMELY light up the EXTREMELY dark world!” Ryohei shouted.

“You live simply and appreciate the simple joys in life.” Mukuro added.

You don’t know
Oh oh
You don’t know you’re beautiful
Oh oh oh

“Also…you are just simply cute.” Reborn said.

Mukuro said, “You don’t know you’re beautiful”

“Still an idiot…” Takeshi laughed sheepishly.

“I agree with you for once, yakyuu-baka.” Hayato said.


Oh, oh oh

“That’s what makes you beautiful, Tsuna”

Tsuna really is an idiot.

Request: Terrible Things

Requested by curlyhairflip

Nonoo really loved his grandson. So when he saw Tsuna crying due to having been bullied on his fifteenth birthday, he decided to share something to him.

By the time I was your age,
I’d give anything
To fall in love truly,
was all I could think

“When I was your age, I was very problematic. I rebelled and fought. I was really lonely, and it then that I met your grandmother.”

That’s when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams
The most beautiful woman, that I’d ever seen

“She was the one I needed to change. She was always there for me, never letting me down.”

Tsuna sniffed. “It seems you were really happy…”

Nono chuckled. “Yes, we were…”

She said, “Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
I can’t help but notice, you’re staring at me.
I know I shouldn’t say this,
but I really believe
I can tell by your eyes that you’re in love with me”

“She immediately knew I loved her. I was so flustered and all I could do was ask if she likes me back. You know, she didn’t answer. She just kissed me.”

Tsuna stopped crying. “That’s…sweet.”

Nono nodded. “Yes, very.”

Now son, I’m only telling you this…
Because life, can do terrible things

Nono patted Tsuna’s head affectionately. “Remember to listen closely okay? I know it might not really help, but remember, if Iemitsu will not be here, Nono will always be there is life becomes a bitch, okay?”

Tsuna nodded and smiled softly. “Yeah. It sure as hell it can.”

Now most of the time, we’d had too much to drink
And we’d laugh at the stars and we’d share everything
Too young to notice, and too dumb to care
Love was a story, that couldn’t compare

“We were young and innocent. So pure and happy, like you. We went out at night and went stargazing. We played in the day like there was no tomorrow like children. We were sure nothing can separate us.”

Tsuna nodded. All those in a relationship always believed that they would be forever, that didn’t take note of th possible future.

I said, “Girl, can I tell you a wonderful thing?
I made you a present with paper and string.
Open with care now, I’m asking you, please.
You know that I love you, will you marry me?”

“The day came I proposed to her. She agreed without any second thoughts. Soon, we were kissing in front of the altar in white. We all drank, danced and laughed. Stories were exchanged, and then, our life as a married couple began.”

Now son, I’m only telling you this…
Because life, can do terrible things
You’ll learn, one day, I’ll hope and I’ll pray
That God, shows you differently

“We were happy and married. We lived happily, with me as the new boss, and her always beside me. She then became pregnant, and then, my first son was born. A few years down the road, the next two were born. We were living happily…until that day.”

She said, “Boy can I tell you, a terrible thing?
It seems that I’m sick and I’ve only got weeks.
Please, don’t be sad now, I really believe
You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me”

“It seemed that she was sick and didn’t tell me. She had a weak heart since birth, and the killing and bloodshed our famiglia has been doing didn’t help her poor heart at all. It was then I learned…that life really can do terrible things.” Nono began to sob.

Tsuna could do nothing but hug him. He was selfish. He was crying over being bullied, complaining about life, but here was his grandfather, who has suffered life more than he has.

Slow, so slow
I fell to the ground, on my knees

“I couldn’t accept it. I fell down crying, and my sons comforted me. She said it will be alright, but it was not and never will be. She was dying, barely a year to live. She still smiled as she cried on her deathbed. I couldn’t do anything as she died, but cry on the ground, knees weak.” Nono smiled wistfully.

“You see, Tsuna. Don’t be bothered by the small details of life. Bullying may hurt, but you and I both know that you can and will experience things more painful. You are man, Tsuna. So don’t cry.” Nono reassured him.

Tsuna looked up at his grandfather. The man here isn’t him, it’s his grandfather.

So don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose
If given the choice, then, I’m begging you, choose
To walk away, walk away, don’t let her get you.
I can’t bear to see the same happen to you.

“So Tsuna, when the time comes, remember to choose wisely. Choose a path that you won’t regret. Choose the path that you are sure that someone will accompany you all the way.” Nono said.

Tsuna nodded and hugged him. “Thank you, Nono. You helped me realize a lot of things…”


Tsuna sat in front of Nono’s grave along with a little boy at the age of five, who looked exactly like him.

“Ne papa, why did you tell me all that?” the boy asked.

Tsuna just smiled and quoted his grandfather.

“Now son, I’m only telling you this…
…Because life, can do terrible things”

—I hope this was good enough for curlyhairflip—

6 Roses for Christmas

Tsuna dropped down to the floor, blushing, when he read the card.

You see, just when came back home from school, he noticed that no one was home. He was shocked but still continued his way up his room. When he opened his door, he saw his windows open, and a rose with a card tied to it with a purple ribbon on his bed. He got the card, and read it.

“Accept the rose or I’ll bite you to death.”

There was no one else in the whole world who had that catchphrase except for the skylark, Hibari Kyoya.

Wait…is this a confession?

Tsuna promptly fainted.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The next day, no one was home still. He received two roses this time, both with cards tied to it with a blue and red ribbon respectively. It said:

“You have a heart as big as a sky, and I, the rain, shall calm it if needed.”

“The storm shall always protect the sky!”

So it’s Yamamoto and Gokudera this time?

Tsuna just had a feeling to keep the ribbons he has received so far and tie them together, and keep them.

Hm. Weird. So…another confession?

Tsuna resisted to find his best friends and ask them all about this.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Tsuna was still alone the next day, and realized that his mother was brought to Italy to spend time with his father. Bianchi and the others…he doesn’t really want to know.

He went into his room, expecting to find a rose and a card with a ribbon. But he saw none.

He sighed and decided to get his clothes before bathing. When he opened his drawer of boxers, he saw a rose with a card tied to it with an indigo ribbon. He got it and read the card.

“Kufufu. Love your boxers. Also I added one.”

Now it’s Mukuro. He blinked for awhile and blushed. It was bad enough that three people so-called confessed their love to him, and now he did too.

Also, he was mortified at the sight of his new pineapple printed boxers.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The next day, Tsuna didn’t go to school, with hopes of catching the next person or people who will leave roses. He watched and watches and watched…until he heard his doorbell ring. He went down and opened it…only to find a rose with a card tied with a yellow ribbon stuck to his door. He got it and it said:


Tsuna is very sure now that Ryohei thought nothing but being extreme.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The next day. Christmas eve, all of them camE back home. He was shocked to see an adult Reborn smirking at him and giving him a rose with a gold string.

“Did you get all of the roses from your guardians?” he asked.

Tsuna sighed. “Yeah. I even tied all the ribborns together and hanged it as decor.”

Reborn chuckled. “Well, I guess you like them back?”

Tsuna blushed while nodding.

Reborn smirked and whispered against his lips, “This is my message, Tsunayoshi.” He intertwined their fingers with the ribbon and rose in between.

Reborn leaned forward and kissed him not before saying, “Merry Christmas, Tsunayoshi.”

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011 TO All!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆