Watashi Wa Matte Imasu

Sequel to “Oyasumi.”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

These sounds. The beeping sound coming from the machines.

He hates it.

Those sounds are a reminder to him. It reminds him that it’s keeping him alive. Making sure he doesn’t die.


He still can’t wrap his head around that fact. He’s dying. Leaving. Eternally asleep. Gone forever.

He doesn’t want to.

He’s fighting. He’s fighting agains this thing called death. He could actually end everything right her and now.

But he won’t.

He won’t. Someone is there. Waiting for him. To return. To wake up. To come home.

His lover.

He will do anything for his lover. He would buy anything for him. He will kill anyone for him. He will even kill himself for him. He would fight for him and win.

But this was a fight he could never win.

He was feeling weak. The battle had gone on long enough. This has to end. He should’ve known, no, he knows that he could never win.

Yet, he still fought knowing this fact.

“Tsunayoshi…” A voice said.

“Kyo-Kyoya…” he breathed out.

He smiled to himself. He wad here the whole time. Watching, waiting.

“Kyoya… I’m sleepy…” he said.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

He suddenly felt himself being shaken. Was this it? Was it the end?

“Tsunayoshi! Tsunayoshi!” Kyoya said.


He closed hid eyes and smiled. He knew he’s leaving, but he knows that they’ll see each other again.

‘Watashi Wa matte Imasu, Kyoya… (I’ll be waiting)’

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