That’s how many times Mukuro has been hurt. May it be stabbed, sliced, punched, kicked,and shot.

Yet nothing could compare to the number of times Sawada Tsunayoshi has hurt him.


A small number, is it not? Yet, these two times hurt Mukuro so much more than being stabbed or shot.

After all, he was emotionally hurt.


Tsunayoshi had slapped him. He found him making out with another random girl from the Red Light District. Can’t blame him. He was drunk.


Tsunayoshi, still emotionally hurt, broke up with him and became cold towards him.

Those two incidents were enough to shatter his heart into little pieces.

He can’t blame him. It was his fault. He broke Tsuna’s heart first, resulting into his own heartbreak.

Karma’s a bitch.


The number of times he was hurt, two of these permanently left scars. Two of these broke two hearts and the prices were forever scattered and broken.

Never to be put back again.

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