Golden Flute

There was once a girl who loved playing the flute. Her name is Kin, meaning gold.

She loved the flute, but her flute was old, rusty and dirty. Many people are disgusted by it, but she still loves it very much.

Playing the flute was Kin’s only way of surviving. She plays on the streets to earn money to buy her food. Since she was a marvelous player, she always got a lot of tips.

One day, after earning her tips, Kin saw an old lady in the dark alley. She went to her and looked at her.

The lady had long, brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a ragged coat and had no shoes. She had scars on almost her whole body and was very sick.

“Why are you here madam?” Kin asked.

“I have no home. I am all alone and old and sickly.” she coughed.

Kin, being a player, played the flute, thinking it would soothe the old lady. After playing, she gave her tips to her.

“You need this more than  I do.” Kin said.”

“Thank you, dear child! Here, for you.” the lady said as she gave her a bag and disappeared.

When Kin got home, she opened the bag and gasped. Her tips were inside! She then noticed another bag and opened it and gasped.

“A-a golden flute!” She cried tears of joy as she hugged her flutes.

“Thank you, madam!” she whispered.


“I wonder…who was that madam?”


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