Pure-Hearted Romance

Why? Why did I fall in love with you, a guy? AAARGH! I am not gay. NOT. GAY. Although he is pretty handsome, has wonderful dark-blue hair and…

Damn. I am gay.

“Rei, what’s wrong?” my lover (WHAT?!) asked.

“Nothing, Seiji-san. Just thinking…why me? Didn’t you love Aniki?” I sighed.

He chuckled and put his hand on my head.

“What a useless thing to ask. Sure, I loved Reito but…after you cried for me, I realized that ‘ah…he’s the one.” he replied.

But then he slipped his hand in my pants…

“So this is actually your fault.” and kissed me.

“I love you, Rei”

“I-I love you S-Seiji-San.”


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