The Little Pianist

There was once a boy who loved playing the piano more than anything. He was known as the little pianist.

The little pianist was very famous. He played for parties, weddings and funerals of famous and non-famous people. Even though he was payed such big amounts for playing, he was still not happy.


Because the girl he loves has someone else.

He made songs for her and played it for her. The girl loved his playing, and was always there to listen him play.

One day, the girl’s boyfriend saw them together. He got very jealous and very angry at him. He then decided to get rid of the little pianist.

One day, the little pianist went to a party and played for the guests. Suddenly, a gunshot was heard. The guests started to panic, but they brushed it off as the little pianist continued playing.

Another shot was heard and the guests gasped and really started to panic.

Blood was oozing out of his shoulder. He did not care and continued playing. He then felt knives, pierce his back. Yet, he did not care. More knives and bullets hit him, yet he still played. When the song ended, he fell on the piano keys, dead.

The girl and her boyfriend went to him. The girl started to weep while the boy bowed his head. The girl saw the piano piece and read it.

The title was “I love you, goodbye.” A note was also attached and it said:
“Thank you for being with me, listening to me, and being my friend. I love you, now and forever, goodbye.”
And her name was written there, with his beside it.

She wept and wept until she realized something.

One time, her boyfriend saw them and when she talked to him, he sounded angry. And it clicked.

“How could you?!” she asked him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

She slapped him, leaving a red mark on his cheek.

“I know now. You saw us together, so you got jealous. You thought I would leave you. So you hired men to kill him so I won’t leave you! Now, he’s gone. I’M ALL YOURS! I WAS YOURS IN THE FIRST PLACE!” she cried.

The boyfriend, feeling regretful, went on his knees and pleaded.

“Please! Don’t leave me! I love you! Forgive me, please!”

But the girl did not listen. She went closer to the lifeless body and got one of the knives.

“I love you.”

She pointed it at her chest, stabbed herself and fell beside the little piano. Both had smiles on their faces, happy to be together.

The boyfriend, feeling guilty and mad at himself, ran out to the cliff. He looked below and saw the ocean. He jumped, crying.

The little pianist and the girl lived in heaven together happily, as lovers.

Even in heaven, the little pianist still played the piano. For himself, for others, for his lover.

The End.



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