I looked down and saw a steaming bowl of hot soup. It was the first thing she made for me.

She visited me here, saying that it was her fault that I had a broken arm and offered to stay with me the whole day. She first checked my temperature, and saw I had a fever. She panicked (that shriek of her was adorable…what?) and rushed to make me something. She then came back with a bowl of mushroom soup.

I would’ve eaten it by now, only if there wasn’t that little thing on the saucer.

“Kyoya?” She asked.

I looked at her and said bluntly, “What is this, Tsuna?” and gestured at the mushrooms on the saucer.

On one side of the saucer were mushrooms that were leftovers put together. They were put in a way that would form a sentence. A sentence that I didn’t expect.

“I Love You Kyoya.”

I looked at her again and she blushed a bright red. I chuckled and I began eating my soup, leaving the mushrooms.

Wao. It tastes good.


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