back from the longest ever hiatus-thingy ever

Being redundant became something common in my life now, so please, don’t judge. LOL.

So yeah, hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on (My last post was last January 7. And it’s October 7 tomorrow…so practically 9 months gone? Wao.), and I’ll be lying if I say I missed this blog.

No really. I completely forgot all about it due to Graduating stress, FanFiction.Net drama crap, and I gained a new hobby on tumblr, ROLEPLAYING a.k.a RP(-ing). O w O. Lots of things happened, and suddenly, I see my blog again.

So…hi bloggu. //smothers love all over.

I’ll be posting my stories again once I have the time and I can find my stories (which are written on paper) again (…where are you ohmygod). Meanwhile, I’ll be fixing my theme and all that, and probably make another Blog (as in, account) for a PERSONAL blog (My tumblr’s personal is…uh, weird and different.). 

Gonna be changing stuff now! //waves.



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