Yellow-Orange: Happy Birthday Reborn and Tsuna!

October 13th, quarter to midnight, and Reborn hovered over his sixteen year old student. Being in his adult form had its perks, like finally being taller than someone who was known to be very, very short for his age.

No matter.

Transforming leon into his gun, he unlocked the safety, and pointed it at his student’s head. A smirk crawled its way up on his face and he covered it by lowering down his fedora. “dame-Tsuna.” he said. “Wake up before I shoot you.”

Hearing the word shoot, Tsuna immediately sat up albeit groggily, and stumbled right into his tutor’s chest, who smirked. “Coming straight home and not even bothering to greet me? Bad tuna.”

The brunet was finally awake and shrieked lightly. “I-I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Then where’s my gift?” the hitman asked, placing him on his lap. “Give it or else…”

The teen gulped and blushed at the action. He shyly turned around, his legs spreading wide and wrapping themselves around the older’s waist. He looked up with a dark blush, and softly grinded himself against him, and kissed him.

Taken by surprise, Reborn let his mouh be pried open as the other humped him. A small tongue entered his mouth, and sucked on his tongue as he was pushed down. His eyes involuntarily closed and he let out a groan as his legs touched him there.

Tsuna parted from him, blushing darkly and saliva dripping from his mouth. “M-me.” He mumbled. “A-and your gift to me would be letting me t-top you!”

Silence filled the room, before Reborn burst out laughing. “Sure.” He said, smirking. “If you can make me climax, then sure.”

Blushing darker, Tsuna nodded determinedly. “Yes.” He said before bringing his lips to his and whispering, “Happy birthday, Reborn.”

The clock striker twelve, signalling October 14th. “Happy birthday too, Tsuna.”

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