[a post after such a long time yesssss. I’m in the mood for more darkness right now, actually. but my friend says I need more happiness so here, a love song-fic. ehehe

by the way…this was based on one of my delusional fantasies last batch party. enjoy.]

uso pa ba ang harana?

marahil ikaw ay nagtataka

A group of girls sat in one of the rounded tables, watching the other boys go to other tables, tables filled with popular people, and asking them to dance in the Slow Dance of the party.

One girl, who was wearing a navy blue one-strapped dress with cloth feathers on the lone, thick, strap, clicked her silver heels against the floor (it was her first time wearing such shoes, but she’s gotten used to it to even run down and up the stairs already. tapping it seemed to bring great joy to her, listening to it make different beats.) as she watched the girls enviously. ‘None will ask me.’ She thought, fingering her normally straight hair, which was curled and heated all for this party. ‘I’m sure. I’m not popular or anything. Just another otaku, girl…something.’

Shrugging she turned her head away from the dance floor and looked elsewhere. Her friend, who wore a silver sleeveless dress with matching silver heels, shook her shoulder and pointed to a certain direction. “Rosa!” She said in glee as the other occupants of their table started smiling and squealing. “He’s coming here! Look!”

Rosa looked at the person approaching their table with a blank expression, but inside her heart was racing. A boy with a black and purple suit was approaching their table, his bow tie slightly crooked as he looked around the area. He was going to be the next Captain of the Soccer team, and everyone knew him because of that sport (he did, after all, beat a lot of people by himself, and they were older than him even). His gelled hair stood up like it was supposed to, but it was slowly deflating due to sweat.

sino ba ‘tong mukhang gago?

nagkandarapa sa pagkanta

at nasisintunado sa kaba

‘He must be looking for her.‘ Rosa thought cynically. ‘That girl he’s been courting for a while now.’

She looked to the table beside her, and saw that girl. She seemed nothing special in her, and everyone’s opinion, but no one knew how she got his attention. Black and pink tube dress like most of the girls, and black stilettos with her hair down. No one thought she was perfectly pretty, since she always cried a lot, but everyone had to live with the fact that she was the apple of the Soccer Ace.

They all looked expectantly at him, waiting for him to go the waving girl, and ask her. But imagine their shock when he went to the girl in the blue dress, Rosa, offered his hand, and gave a small smile with red ears.

“So uhh…do you want to dance?”

meron pang dalang mga rosas suot nama’y

maong na kupas

The girls around the table didn’t squeal, and instead stared at the two expectantly. A pink hue slowly crept its way up to her cheeks, which was slightly hidden by the lack of light, but was still seen by him. “M-me?” She asked. “Rafael are you–”

“You don’t want?” A look of forlorn was evident on his face, and immediately, Rosa shook her head. “So…do you want to or not?”

Shyly, she stood up, and took his hand. Rafael blinked and was about to ask what was wrong, but Rosa beat him to it. “W-Where do you want to dance?” He could see the redness of her ears, and he smiled.

“Near the bleachers, by the field.” He went in front of her and brought her along, leaving a dumbstruck and giddy friends, and a shocked girl in the other table.

at nariyan pa ang barkada

nakaporma naka barong sa awiting daig pa minus one at sing along

People didn’t pay attention to the two as they made their way to the bleachers near the field, even if the song was near the first chorus already. Rosa, confused on how to dance, just let Rafael take her right hand into his, and placed her left hand onto his right shoulder. His left hand held her right hand, and his right hand was positioned on her hip. The girl bit back the blush creeping on, and just danced with him.

They didn’t move directly in accordance to the beat, but for them, it was just right. They moved with their own pace, and own time, one looking down shyly, the other, at the girl.

Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin

“Why’re you looking down?” Rafael finally asked.

Rosa looked at him and stuttered a white lie. “W-Well…It’s kinda c-cold right now so y-yeah…Ahaha…”

The boy looked at her worriedly, before pulling her a bit closer, and clutching her closer to him. “Is…Is it better?”

She took note of the small blush on his face, before nodding. “Y-Yeah…T-Thanks…”

sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw at

sa awitin kong ito

A few seconds of awkward silence, before that line came into the speaker did Rosa decide to ask. “Why…did you ask me? Weren’t you courting Gabby?”

“…” Rafael looked at her straight in the eye, before shrugging. “I was.” For a while, he noticed she flinched momentarily while looking at him still. “But…It’s different. Something else happened…”

She smiled, and he could see a bit of sadness in it. “Is that so…” She trailed off. “I hope you make up soon, Rafael.”

The stars twinkled above them as they hid from the crowd, and it seemed so peaceful. A small smile crept its way up to his face, before he replied. “Maybe it’s better if we didn’t.”

sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko

sa isang munting harana para sayo

That shocked Rosa. “What? Why?” She tried to push down that feeling of happiness at his statement, as it felt really wrong. “But…that’s…why?”

“We aren’t meant for each other, Rosa.” Rafael replied in his normal voice. “She’s different. We don’t like each other that much…and I know she knows that I don’t love her. I’m…just using her somehow.”

Using. How she hated that word. She slightly clenched his hand in hers, a sign of paranoia. “Are you using me too?”

“What? No!” He replied instantly, a look of…something on his face. “Why I used her was for a selfish reason, but I will never ever use you, Rosa.” He said, looking at the floor as she looked at him. “Not now, not ever.”

That feeling of happiness rose once again, but this time, she didn’t bother to push it down.

Hindi ba’t parang isang sine

isang pelikulang romantiko

A chuckle came out of Rosa’s mouth, making Rafael look at her. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing.” She replied as they danced slowly. “It’s just that, it’s true. This is like a movie.”

That caught his attention. A movie? “How so?” He asked, curious as what she meant.

“You were courting her for a selfish reason.” She began. “But even so, you were so close to each other. Your selfish reason must be really serious, and important to you, no?” A chuckle once more. “I’d really be surprised if you said if you’ll say if you did it to get someone’s attention. Now that’s really like a movie.”

A blush came on to Rafael’s face, but he looked straight into her eyes right after she said that. “Actually,” he said, “I did.” Confidence surged through him as he looked at her, feeling his blush grow.

hindi ba’t ikaw ang bidang artista at ako ay iyong leading-man

sa istoryang nagwawakas sa pagibig na wagas

Him? Rafael? The Rafael that was known to be vain, slightly self-centered, and kind, using someone to get someone? “That’s unheard of.” She said, not noticing the intensity of the stare directed at her. “You? Of all people?”

“Yeah.” He replied, not seeing what’s wrong. He joked, “I may be the hottest person here, but even I have somethings I can’t get by being hot, y’know. Don’t just think–”

She stared at him blankly. “No you aren’t hot, okay. What are you trying to be anyway by being hot?”

“She’ll one day, be my actress.” He said softly as he looked up, as if  whispering his wish to the stars. “And I’ll be by her side, her leading man.”

Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin

Rosa raised a brow. She understood that idiom, and she was quite surprised that he can say such deep things. It made her greatly interested as to who could cause such change to him, as she ignored the growing pain in her chest.

‘You don’t like him anymore, remember that.’

“So, who is it?” She asked, as they turned around, now that Rafael’s back was facing the field. A small smirk crawled its way to her face as she asked. “Who made the all great and mighty Rafael say such things?”

What she heard next wasn’t expected.

“The one I’m dancing with right now.”

sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw

at sa awitin kong ito

A full-blown blush engulfed her whole face, and even her whole body. Rafael stopped dancing, but continued to hold her. Light brown eyes bore into Dark Brown eyes, the other just noticing the intensity of his stare now.

“The person I’m dancing with right now,” He said. “Is the one making so much changes in me, so much emotions.” He moved forward a bit, making her go backward. “The one that made me become so desperate to get their love for me back to the way it was. She loved me before, I knew it and I took it for granted. I took it for granted, and lost it.”

She was at a lost. Her eyes widened as he talked, her body frozen at the spot. “Now, when I realized it, it was gone, but not completely. I know it’s still there. Somewhere.” He mumbled, looking down at the floor. “The one that made me use someone just to get that love back. The one…”

sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko

sa isang munting harana para sayo

Rosa’s lips quivered, trying to form the words she wants to say. Why? What? How? Her? Once she calmed down, she said, “Why–how me?”

A soft smile appeared on Rafael’s lips, looking back at her. “I don’t know.” He replied honestly. “I honestly don’t know how it happened, nor do I honestly care on the reasons or anything. All I care about is…” He chuckled. “I…I want to give it all for that person. For…you. I–”

uso pa ba ang harana?

marahil ngayon ay alam mo na

“Don’t!” Rosa said suddenly, knowing his next words. He was shocked, but obeyed nevertheless. She started shaking as they still stayed in the same position. “Do not…Don’t finish it. Don’t say something you’ll possibly regret in the future!”

She looked at him determined, yet sad. “I don’t want you to commit yourself to me, Rafael. I’m not worth it. You’ll one day say the same thing to someone else, and that takes out all meaning out of it if you say it to more that one person with so much passion and…and love.” She said, slowly loosening her fingers from his. “I don’t want you to regret this…”

basta’t para sayo aking hihiram kahit na magmukhang hibang

tugtugin ang lahat liyag pagkay ako iyong liham

The girl wanted to add more, but she was cut off by a warm hug from the boy, who buried his head in the crook of her neck and shoulder. She stood frozen in shock, arms unsure whether to hug back. “I won’t.” He said, right beside her. “If I knew I would regret it, then I wouldn’t bother to ask you to this dance. Kung pagsisisihan ko ito, e di dapat hindi na kita i-haharana.”

Dark brown eyes widened, before he stood back up, held her hand, and danced her once again.

“Puno ang langit ng bituin

at kay lamig pa ng hangin”

Tears started to form from the corner of her eyes as he sang along to the song. The stars started to twinkle even more, and the air wasn’t as cold anymore. He was making it warmer, looking straight into her eyes, a smile on his face.

“Sa’yong tingin akoy nababaliw giliw

at sa awitin kong ito”

She mumbled a few curses under her breath, and he chuckled. This was the normal girl he liked. The one who was quite an introverted tomboy, and was very very different, and liked to curse randomly. This was the one he would commit himself to, no questions asked

“Sana’y maibigan mo

ibubuhos ko ang buong puso ko”

He stopped both of them, and, under the twinkling the stars, he let go of her side, and cupped one of her cheeks. He leaned down, and whispered the last line of the song in front of her lips, wiping away the tears from her eyes, threatening to fall. Inches away, he said his message hidden by the song, and was going to prove it as well.

“Sa isang munting harana….para sayo”

‘I love you.’

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