Sawada Tsunayoshi is dangerous.

Yes, the loving sky is dangerous. He has the appearance of a naive little bunny, that is oh-so innocent.

But then again, our mothers taught us to never judge a book by their covers, right?

That rule applies to him. Behind that innocent exterior is a killer. A murderer. He shoots people with a blank expression. As if he couldn’t care less.

But actually, that’s only a part of why he’s dangerous.

The truth is, he’s dangerous because of his personality. His body. His heart.

His heart is like him. His personality is like him. It’s as big and wide and accepting as the sky. Just like what his role as the boss and Sky guardian; “The sky that accepts and embraces all.” He accepts everyone as them without any hesitation.

His body is also like the sky. Heavenly and warm. He has brown fluffy hair, like the clouds. His eyes are innocent, yet they hold an unknown storm. His skin is perfect and untainted, and it’s warm like the sun. His figure is like a woman’s; curvy and delicious, it strikes one like lighting. His actions are sweet and cute, but changes drastically like the mist. Lastly, his words. His words are calm and encouraging, buy if provoked, its cold and sharp, like falling rain.

Heh. It seems like he himself is the epitome of all of his guardians and him.

He’s dangerous. He’s unpredictable.

He made me fall in love with him without knowing.

Not that I regret it. So, this entry, this journal, us dedicated to that dangerous man.

Now then, my new goal is to show him that I love him more than that bastard Reborn does.

–Colonello, November 9.

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