Kyoya sighed.

Today was Valentine’s Day, meaning it’s the day where people give chocolate to other people-as their sign of love.

He really couldn’t care less than he already does about this day.

He sighed again as he passed by some girls giving chocolate to their crushes. He would have to bite them to death later.

“Itai!” a girl said.

He looked down and saw that he bumped into someone.

Sawada Tsunayoshi.

He frowned. What was Vongola Decimo doing in the hallways? Shouldn’t he be in his classroom with his Storm and Rain guardians?

Tsuna moved backwards a bit, and bowed.

“Hie! Gomenasai, Hibari-san!” she said.

Before he could say anything, a red box was shoved into his chest, and he instinctively grabbed it.

“Ja!” she said as she ran away.

The hallways became quiet.

“Oh my…did Dame-Tsuna just…?”

“Heh. Who knew Dame-Tsuna liked Hibari-senpai?”

The moment they started gossiping, the prefect went back to his office, a very, very,very unnoticeable pink hue began to spread on his ears.

His crush likes him back.

After that very simple Valentine’s Day, the prefect and Tsuna started going out, and became a couple.

Although not everyone supported it.

Most of the guardians –namely Mukuro and Reborn- tried killing Kyoya, but they always failed.

Iemitsu cried for quite some time, but then accepted it-since he knows that if she is her mother’s daughter, she’s bound to stubborn as her, if not even more.

A few years later, they got married.

“Papa! Papa!” a pair of five year-old twins said.

The older twin was a girl, and had black hair with calculating brown eyes. The younger twin, however, was a boy with spiky brown hair and warm silver-blue eyes.

The twins ran up to their father, who was eating a box of chocolate. They climbed up on him and hugged him.

“Papa, can you tell us stories about Mama again?” the girl asked.

“Sure, Kyona, Tsukino.” he said.

As he told his stories to his children, he can’t help but think about the past.

‘I wonder…how would’ve she reacted when she hears her children asking about her life?’

“Isn’t that sweet? Everything started with chocolate!” Tsukino smiled.

“Yup! So is that why you always eat chocolate, Papa? To remember Mama?” Kyona asked.

Kyoya nodded and smiled warmly at his children.

“Yes. Everything did start with chocolate.” he looked up the sky and smiled again.

‘I love you, Tsunayoshi.’


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