Dark Day, Bright Night

It was quite a wonder when he realized that…man was actually in love with him.

Another wonder is that said man claimed that he knew that he loved him back.

The nerve!

Since that day, he’s being wooed every night by said man. He would recite poems of love, give him sake (but he doesn’t know how he even got them) and more. All this went on and on, until one day, he agreed.

That was the start of a very complicated relationship.

In the day, they would not talk to each other (even if it’s mentally). They would ignore the other for eight hours or more. Pretending the other didn’t exist.

At night, however, was a different story.

They would be drink sake under the giant Sakura tree all by themselves. They would kiss, caress and more.

Although it is kind of weird. After all…

“I love you, my light, my Rikuo.” he said.

“I love you, my darkness…”

Rikuo looked at him and smiled.


He was in love with his dark side.

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