You May Hate; But I Still Care


Ah. The sweet shrieks of these pathetic humans as they die is music to my ears.

As my prey’s skin began to pale and disappear, I smirked. This was easy. Lure them in with sweet words and sweet smiles, and they follow you like mindless puppies. In the end, they all die by my hand.


“Please… Stop it…” my prey cried.

I just continued to torture her in response. These pathetic humans have no right to order us what to do.

I pulled away from her, letting her dead body fall with a ‘THUMP’ on the concrete floor. Her legs were burnt to ashes and were now flying in the air. Her arms and other parts of the body were pale and almost transparent.

What a beautiful masterpiece!

“Why do you still do this?” a voice said.

“I am a spirit; I live to do such things.” I replied.

“You are right, Ieyasu.” it said.

I scowled. It has been centuries since I have abandoned that name.

Centuries since I had been human.

“And why are you no longer feeding off humans, Cielo?” I asked.

“Of course, I am a human right now. I eat what they eat.” he said.

“Tch. Why you become a human? You are the master spirit after all! Do you want to become like your predecessors?!” I said.

He chuckled.

“I became a human because I wanted to. I wanted to feel the things they feel, called emotion. Do not worry, Ieyasu. History will not repeat itself. I made sure of that.” he said.

“Will not repeat itself? Don’t fool me! You cannot change history; it is your destiny!” I shouted.

He chuckled.

“Yes, I cannot change destiny. But I can reformat it. I can keep the sufferings of my ancestors, but I can change how it shall end. History is not destiny, Ieyasu. History changes because of what one does. It is not destiny.” he said.

I scowled.

“I still cannot accept that you are a human.” I said.

He smiled.

“You know, Ieyasu. I have emotions now. When I saw you feed on that human, I felt…joy. Longing.” he whispered.

“Heh. It seems you are still a spirit after all.” I smirked.

“Yes. But…I feel…sadness when I see you. Pain as well. I remember the past. The blood. The deaths.” he pointed to his heart.

I frowned.

“So…if you die as a human, what happens next?” I asked.

“I shall go back to our world.” he smiled.

Suddenly, a beeping sound came from his wrist. Watch, is it not?

“I shall go now. Giotto is waiting.” he said.

I frowned.

“Now, you have become attached to a human?” I scoffed.

He merely laughed.

“And aren’t you a hypocrite? You say you detest humans, and yet you have connections to them?” he smirked.

I blushed.

“Please…take care of my half.” I said.

He smiled.

“Of course, Giotto.” he said.

As the sun started to rise, I soon began to fade. Before I completely do, I had to say something first.

“Thank you…Master Tsunayoshi…”

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