Beware of Divorced Women (some only)

I have something to post that is URGENTLY IMPORTANT. This is for all the rich men, most likely married.

A source of mine, let’s call Mica, told me something very scary.  As the title implies, it has something to do with divorced women.

She knows a man, let’s call him Henry, who is rich(has millions of money in his bank account) and is married and has children. He works is a bank and is one of the higher-ups. He is very well-respected and looked up too. Not to mention, even if he is quite old, he is still handsome. Not to mention, very nice and friendly too…albeit scary and strict.

Henry has an officemate named Terry (not real name) who is divorced and has two children. She is very pretty and is Henry’s secretary. They often go with each other to seminars and outings.

But the truth is, Terry actually has a motive.

Terry’s former husband was a sloth. He didn’t really care about her or their family, only himself. Terry was devastated so she divorced him, left her children behind and went to the city (they were from the countryside) and she applied for a new job. Her new job?

A secretary. Henry’s secretary to be exact.

Terry is now living alone and has her own life. She goes home late and parties with her friends. Since she her pay can’t exactly support her needs and wants, she looks for rich men. Married or not.

And Henry appears!

She set her sights on him and pursues him endlessly. She shamelessly flirts with him like a whore wanting sex after not having it for, like months. She shows off and is rude to others. She only appears nice to Henry because she wants him.

Until now, Terry is still perusing him and Henry is so oblivious and dense that he doesn’t even notice it.

So, for all you rich men out there, gay or not, bisexual or not, straight or not, beware of those divorced women who are acting very suspicious. You’ll never know if she’s planning on tearing your family apart and keeping you for themselves. After all, men are very prone to temptation.

To all divorced women, I am not offending you, I repeat, I am not offending you. I’m just merely warning men to be careful of some women because some are really wicked. So if this offends you, I’m sorry.

Now, for those women who actually do what Terry does, please, stop now. Don’t tear apart any family and ruin their lives. What if someone did that to your family? Would you be able to withstand it? If not, stop. If yes, then continue being…no offense, I repeat, no offense….a whore for money or men. If I offended any of you, I’m sorry.

Once again, beware and I’m sorry if this offended anyone.

You may repost this to warn your friends.


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